Simple Guide to Time Master II Calculator


The Time Master II calculator is a simple gadget that can be used for solving over a hundred of time-math issues. It has been especially designed to make time-related calculations simpler and easier to solve, in which Calculated Industries have not failed. Easy to use with only a few buttons included, this versatile calculator by CI is suitable for electronic media producers and editors, pilots, broadcasters, travel professional coaches, athletes, consultants, trainers, speakers and more. Why? Let’s find out what this time calculator can do.

The Time Master II calculator is commonly referred to as a money- and time-saver, because it reduces the error rate on the most tedious and biggest time-consuming calculating problems. It features a built-in stopwatch and a timer with alarm, which allows for more accurate tracking and scheduling hours. This can significantly cut the production costs in several applications.

This time calculator is able to instantly solve any kind of time-math problem and rate estimates or/and billing. People involved in radio and broadcasting like the time and stopwatch keys that enable them precise editing and production, while pilots and flight attendants use it to quickly estimate flying hours. Athletes and coaches use this time calculator for its quick and highly accurate timer with the special split-lap feature, which tracks both performance and time.

Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in real-time, this amazing calculator is capable to perform all of the basic calculations. One unique feature of Time Master II calculator is the conversion between time formats in no time: hours, minutes, seconds, H:M:S and decimal format. Also, the conversion and time-math measurement functions are capable of calculating down to 1/100 of a second. In addition to hours, minutes and seconds, this incredibly versatile time calculator can calculate multiple days. It allows you to review your 20 entries and can store up to 10 separate values.

With a beautiful and ergonomic design, the Time Master II calculator is also an attractive gadget that you will love wearing in your shirt pocket. It is protected with an Armadillo-made gear case that is resistant to dust, moisture and shocks, and it is soft on touch and cannot slip out of your hand. It is powered by one lithium battery of 3 volts that lasts at least a couple of years. This time calculator comes along with a user guide, 3V battery, protective gear case and 1-year warranty. Stop wasting your time tedious problems and get your Time Master II calculator for easy and accurate solutions.