A Simple Style Guide for Teenage Girls

teenage fashion

Being a teen can be a confusing time. The teenage years are all about exploring and discovering your own identity while your body is rapidly changing. That said, picking clothes can be an especially sensitive subject. It also doesn’t help that you are bombarded with messages on social media about what you should wear and how you should look like.

If you were looking for a style guide to help you navigate this confusing time, I got you, girl. A teen girl navigating adolescence has to be able to express herself, and developing a sense of style is a terrific way to accomplish that. Here are some tips that can assist teenagers in showcasing their unique skills, revealing their true selves to others, and making an impression.

Focus on Fit and Not Size

Weight is something that can plague many young girls. With hormones on the rise, having a belly and a rounder figure is normal for most girls.

That said, I want to emphasise that being stylish is not primarily affected by your weight. You don’t need to lose any kilos, I can guarantee you, to look fantastic. So disregard the numbers and don’t demand a lesser size; instead, order the size that fits right away! Knowing how something should fit on the body will help you frame it in a way that is both comfortable and flattering.

So, trying out some clothes in the store and having a friend or family to give you an unbiased evaluation is the best way to shop. But if like most Gen Z’s you live and breathe the internet, then you may be more comfortable shopping online. In that case, when shopping for teen clothing online, make sure that you carefully inspect the store’s size guides and measure yourself to determine the proper fit.

Create a Balanced Look

Remember when I told you that weight doesn’t affect whether you look good or not? It’s all about choosing clothes that fit and flatter you. So, now that we covered fit, let’s discuss flattering styles.

balanced looks for teens
Source: standard.co.uk

The best way to create a flattering outfit is to assess your assents and choose items that will bring more attention to them. Similarly, if you have parts of your body you feel less than confident about, it’s not cheating if you cover them up and shift the attention off from them.

For instance, avoiding belts and shirt logos can make a small waist appear longer. Use shoulder pads to conceal rounded shoulders so you appear taller and more straight. On the other hand, girls with broad shoulders can opt for raglan or dolman sleeves. V-necklines look great with large busts. As you can see, the majority of figure challenges can be solved using straightforward balancing techniques.

Work With Proportions

Even if your clothes fit perfectly and flatter your body shape, your outfit will still feel off if you don’t get the proportions right. Choose outfits with “short over long” or “long over short” proportions. Consider wearing a tunic over a shorter pencil skirt, a long T-shirt with skinny pants, or a cropped jacket over a maxi dress. There is plenty of teen girl clothing online so use this to your advantage and shop pieces in different lengths for different outfits.

Stick to a Budget

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe to look beautiful, and it might be best not to. Your body’s size, shape, and height alter first. Second, I’m confident you won’t maintain your clothing in a way that increases its lifespan. Thirdly, I am aware that you are not as concerned with a piece’s quality as grownups are.

Spend your limited funds on accessories instead of clothing because shoes, purses, and jewellery all enhance an ensemble.

Invest in Versatile Pieces

If you select a design with simple lines and few embellishments, jeans can easily transition from day to night. For a more polished appearance with more panache, pair coloured skinny jeans with a straightforward blazer. Dressier attire can be created out of casual clothing by adding high heels.

versatile clothing pieces for teens girls
Source: theeverygirl.com

Consider disposing of any clothing or shoes you believe you have an excess of. You can sell, give, or support textile recycling programmes with them.

Build Confidence

Even if they may not always be dressed in the most stylish ways, some of the world’s most alluring people exude confidence that draws attention to them. I know that feeling like you belong is one of the most significant aspects of being a teenage girl, but if you have the correct mentality, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be a part of the peer group that’s ideal for you!

And if something feels off about your outfit, change! That’s right. The one person you need to impress is you. It’s fine to occasionally experiment with fashion trends, but if you’re truly unsure about how you appear in a certain outfit, either look for a second opinion from a trustworthy source or change!

The appropriate attire can help you project assertiveness, but you must be at ease with it or you risk losing part of your poise. The rest must originate from inside.