Sleep Like Royalty: Luxury Bed Linen Sheets Guide

white and gold luxury bed sheets

Your bed is your sanctuary. This is where you’re in your most relaxed, vulnerable and calm state. As such, your bed should be the place where you can unwind and forget about the day, easily fall asleep, make love, or read a good book.

But don’t think that you can only invest in a good mattress and call it a day. Next to the mattress, the sheets are the most important thing when it comes to your bed’s looks and the comfort it provides. Investing in quality materials should be your top priority because they won’t cause you skin issues, can keep your body temperature regulated and also last for a long time. If you’re about to go sheets shopping to complete your bedroom furniture suite and are wondering if luxury linen bed sheets are for you, here are a few things that will probably change your mind.

Why Choose Luxury Linen Sheets?

Quality Materials

grey luxury linen bed sheets

Luxury linen sheets aren’t just good on the eye. They will surely look very aesthetically pleasing when you put them on your bed, but there is far more than what meets the eye. Buying such sheets can be a smart investment for your health because they are made of natural materials. Bamboo, cotton, silk or a blend of natural fabrics should always be your priority.

For instance, if you’re having skin problems and can’t stand synthetic materials, then there is no other option for you but to buy luxury linen bed sheets made of natural fabrics. Also, these types of sheets will keep your mattress clean and safe from sweating and body odours. And let’s not forget that luxury linen sheets are twice as durable as any other sheet made of manmade fabrics.

Anything else will cause you to sweat; synthetics aren’t made to keep your body temperature regulated, so you should not invest in such sheets. Go for breathable fabrics that won’t trap heat in bed forcing you to change pyjamas every couple of hours.

Breathable & Great for Thermoregulation

white sheets with golden details

No matter if it’s hot or cold, sleeping and sweating is not pleasant at all. Having a balanced body temperature is a great way to have an uninterrupted sleep during the night, especially during the summer months. But when the sheets aren’t breathable enough, this will happen even in the winter months.

You can have a great mattress, but if the sheets are not made of breathable materials, you will end up sweating. Synthetic fabrics that trap your body temperature and don’t let it flow through the bed will easily have you drenched in sweat. However, luxury linen bed sheets are made of organic and natural materials that will allow air to circulate through your bed, so there won’t be any trapped heat. And what’s more important you won’t feel as if the sheet is causing you additional heat. These sheets feel soft, cool and cosy, so why would you go for anything else that would make you sweaty and uneasy.


golden white sheets and room design

Having a rough day and feeling exhausted can drain the energy out of you. The best way to restore it is to go to bed and sleep. But going to bed covered with sheets that are soft and sleek would make you feel relaxed even faster. Organic materials such as bamboo, silk or cotton have these features; the softness is the first step towards easy relaxation and the ability to fall asleep.


white bed sheets with flowers on nightstand

After shopping for bed sheets, you certainly won’t plan to shop for new ones in the next few months. That said, the bed sheets you buy should be durable and that means they should be able to ‘live’ through a lot of washing and drying, tossing and turning and crinkling all year round for many years. You can get this if you invest in luxury bed sheets. The materials are specifically chosen to last and to endure all sorts of challenges, be it while you sleep on them, or in the washing machine. When you pay a big price for such sheets, you get what you paid for.

Worth Your Money

brown linen sheets in brown design bedroom

Buying sheets that are cheaper will lead to a cheaper experience. Of course, it doesn’t mean that such sheets will be ruined after a month or two, but you certainly can’t expect them to last for decades such is the case with luxury cotton, silk or bamboo sheets.

If you want to make a long-term investment and not bother with sheet shopping any time soon, then luxury linen sheets should be high on your priority list. Not only you’re saving money for sheets in the future, but you’re investing in quality covers for your expensive mattresses, prevent your skin from unwanted rashes, keep your body is completely relaxed and uninterrupted sleep (no sweating, therefore, no getting up in the middle of the night). So, altogether you’re making a lifetime investment that will prevent you from buying new mattresses or paying for medications to soothe skin rashes.