The Future of Construction: A Simple Guide to Prefab Homes

prefab homes

You’ve always had a clear idea of how you wanted your future home to look like, and now it’s finally time to make it a reality. Unlike buying or renting a property, building a home from scratch is the best way to tailor your living space to your precise needs and wishes. But constructing a house the traditional way is a time-consuming and expensive task, which is why you’re having second thoughts about it.


Before you give up the dream of owning your ideal home, there’s another option which more and more Australians tend to pick over stick-built houses. Modular construction is an innovative building method which successfully deals with many of the drawbacks of traditional construction. Let’s see why there’s currently such a boom in prefab homes Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane wide.

prefab homes Sydney

It’s More Cost Efficient

When construction is concerned, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are some of the most expensive cities. And not only in Australia, but worldwide! However, modular construction doesn’t include some of the steps that make traditional construction so expensive: transpiration of materials and work on-site. Instead, prefab homes are entirely built in a factory, where all the materials and workforce are readily available without the need for transpiration. As a result, thanks to prefab homes Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane residents are able to save some money.

It’s Faster

Waiting for your new home to be constructed on-site can feel like a lifetime. This is because there are many steps that the process consists of, which can’t be done simultaneously. So first, the site needs to be cleared, then, the foundation needs to be laid out, once this is finished the materials are transported and only then can the building actually start. Compared to this, building a prefab home is much faster. First of all, most of the building materials are already present in the factory. Second, the building can start at the same time as the site is being cleared. And third, the transportation and installation of the finished modules can be done in less than a week. As a result, most prefab homes can take as little as 12 weeks to be ready.

prefab homes

You Get Better Quality

The fact that your new home will be built in a factory and with the help of automated machines means that there’s less risk of mistakes being made in the construction. And considering how the modules need to withstand the stress from transportation and installation, these homes are subjected to more quality inspections than homes built on-site. Additionally, since the materials are kept indoors, they aren’t exposed to factors such as humidity, pests or UV rays which can damage them. As a result, prefab homes are known to experience less structural damage and mould problems than stick-built ones.