The Only Bed Frames Guide You Will Ever Need

bed frames

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”. It is no news that we spend one-third of our day in the bed -it is the place where your day ends and begins. And we definitely want to feel the ultimate comfort while in it. So, when it comes to finding the right bed for your bedroom, it is not just the mattress you need to pay attention to, the frame of the bed plays an important role as well; it helps establish the design scheme in the room and it is a crucial element which provides the needed bed support. With the wide range of bed frames available, it is a must that you are familiar with all the different styles, sizes and materials before you buy one in order to make a more informed decision.


Think about it – do you sleep alone or you share the bed? Do you have a small or a master bedroom? The answers to these questions should help you determine the right size for your bed frame which will leave you enough room to freely move around and place other furniture pieces.


  • Contemporary – Featuring straight bold lines, a sleek design and neutral shades, modern bed frames are great space savers as opposed to some traditional styles. These bed parts are pretty elegant making the room feel bigger than it actually is.
  • Platform – If you don’t want to use a box spring, opt for this style of a bed frame. Designed to support the mattress without the need of foundation, these frames are stylish and will provide you with an extra storage space as most of them come with drawers.
  • Sleigh – What makes this bed frame so popular is its curved headboard and footboard. Offering both elegant and luxurious aesthetics, it is a very popular choice for master bedrooms. If you consider opting for this style, bear in mind its weight as sleigh bed frames are usually much heavier than other types, thus, they are more difficult to move.
  • Four post bed frames – Usually made of metal offering durability and stability, this type will give your bedroom a great stylish boost. Offering you a variety of possibilities for décor, four post bed frames come in a variety of materials, thus, in a variety of colours. You can choose from those with curved headboards and footboards or those with clean modern lines.


Bed frames are usually made of wood or metal and which one you choose should depend on your personal preferences. However, you should also consider the design and décor of the bedroom if you want to complement the room décor. Frames made of wood are usually more expensive, but this only means they are of high quality. Metal frames are also a great choice, especially if your room design is more modern and minimalistic.

Bottom line is, do not spare pennies on the dollar when it comes to such an important investment for your good night’s sleep. After all, your health is your biggest wealth and nothing comes close to keeping it in its best possible condition. Make a smart investment in your future.