The Ultimate Guide For Writing Love Quotations

love quotations

Romantic quotations are a great way to steal someone’s heart, make them fall in love with you all over again and sweep them off their feet. Of course, you can just buy your loved one chocolates and flowers. But, the flowers will sadly die and the chocolates will be eaten. So, what’s the one thing that will remain eternal in the heart of your lover? Without a doubt, it’s love poetry. We won’t leave you hanging like that, here is a guide on how to write romantic love quotations.

1. It’s very easy to sit down at a computer and type out a poem. Your poetry will be on a cloud and it will remain to live forever in the ether, it’s a quite poetic thought. However if you write a poem in hard copy and the old school style of ink and paper it’s really astonishing. It’s really cute in a special way, like passing notes in grade school.

2. If you want to write poetry, you must reveal your true self. You need to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, if you don’t want to do this, you’re better off buying those flowers and chocolates.

3. You can search for inspiration in love songs. Love songs are poems that have a band backing them up. There are some love songs that even read like romantic quotes and poems and love letters. There are even some breakup songs that will yield the inspiration that you seek. Just find the lines that talk about the good times.

4. Loosen up a bit and add humor to your poem. The important thing to being funny with a poem is to use inside jokes. Your loved one will know that no one in the whole wide world would find those specific set of words so funny and they will feel wonderful because you remember all of those things. That’s worth a hug full of love or a loving kiss on the cheek at the very least.

5. If you want to rhyme, go ahead. There are many people who hate on rhyming, whether it’s imperfect, half rhyme, external, internal or mind rhyme. They think that your head is in the clouds and you should stop pretending that you’re Shakespeare. But you shouldn’t be bothered by that. You should do anything that gets your thoughts written on a piece of paper and that piece of paper into that hands and heart of your loved one.