The Ultimate Guide to IT Support for Small Business

If you are a small business owner then you know just how hard and how expensive it can be to find outside tech support. Most of the time the people that are trained in IT already work for another firm and you can’t get them without offering them a lot of money. This is not really easy on small businesses and not always possible. Of course, this depends on what you need as well, but handing out another pay check is sometimes not an option. This usually leaves you with the job of IT support which can take a really long time to learn and may not be your number one priority. Luckily, these days it’s a little different with more and more IT solution firms popping up that specialize in providing small businesses with the support they need.

So don’t sit around and be swamped with IT work when you have other things to do, reach out for IT solutions today. Your best bet is to find a local IT support company that deals with small businesses directly. You could try asking other small businesses where they found theirs or you can easily search online. You want to hire a company that has great reviews and you want to make sure that they can meet all your IT needs. You should choose a company that will personalize their IT approach to match your needs as well as share the vision you have for your business.


The first thing you need to understand is that there are many different levels of IT support. This means that some work based on things that break that need to be fixed whereas other businesses might need someone around the clock. This all depends on what your business needs in order to run successfully and you should be able to specify what it is you need exactly. Most businesses initially need someone to come in and sort everything out. This can be a bit of a crazy whirlwind period and once this period passes, only be on an on-call basis. This is where contracts need to be negotiated or hourly rates need to be discussed depending on what you need.

You need to identify what you need, narrow down what you want to get out of getting outside support and how often you will need it. This is the best guide you have to find the right price for you. You must also keep in mind that IT is forever changing so you need someone equipped to deal with these things. You also need to be prepared for your business to grow, hence your tech support might need to grow with it. You should also calculate the costs if you decide not to bring in any IT support at all. Calculate the cost of the money you are losing each hour due to all the down time and decide if that cost outweighs the need for professional tech support.