The Ultimate Guide to RC Cars (Rebels Know Why)

My RC cars passion is my favourite way to deal with any frustration. The rest of the world can just go to sleep while I have the remote in my grip!

Rebel Rebel, your toys are awesome

Rebel Rebel, childhood forever in blossom

My own version of David Bowie’s haunting refrain of Rebel Rebel always plays in my head when I am at the peak of my game!


Sometimes I feel like a young Han Solo for toys. Way too rebellious for my age, discovering fun when others have none! They call us geeks, sometimes nerds, but social media gave us the nickname we deserve – the ultimate cool (something we always were). My inner geeky side, that small stubborn child is always here to drive his remote car. I am 27 years old and I proudly own a couple of remote control racing cars.

When I was a kid, I had a dozen bags full of toys. I still remember it as if it were yesterday when my uncle John was in the U.S. for a couple of months and he brought me RC Formula. I get so exited when I think about it, even today. Hence my determination to upgrade myself and search for the best electric RC cars for sale. The internet is filled with all kinds of RC cars, so let me be your Han Solo – the rebel guy that will guide you to your Death Star.

Choose a brand!

The Rc cars competition is constantly on the rise. There are over hundreds of brands and since China is playing the same game as well, the choices are limitless today. Here are the most popular brands for RC cars:

  • Official licensed products

These RC cars are the best brands if you are asking me. Buying an Audi or Lamborghini that is licensed by the Volkswagen group means that they possess the quality of the German engineering and precision. Also, the ultimate Japan engineering that comes from Nissan – elegance in motion. Owning a Mercedes RC car, created with the German tradition that comes with attention to detail beyond the imaginable, brings you close to the best of technology there ever was.



Traxxas cars are fast, durable and of great quality. If you buy one of these, you will feel like a kid again for sure! Their design is vague at best, but they compensate with the integrity of their parts. Another downside of this brand is that they do not offer a great variation of models and colours to choose from. They are generally more expensive than the other competitors, so one must have a lot of cash to throw around. Anyway, a true RC car lover knows that it’s only money, and the fun is INFINITE.

  • HPI

HPI is not a very famous brand, probably because they are also quite expensive, just as Traxxas, but not built so well. Their only positive side is that they have good quality parts that need to be replaced almost never.

  • Exceed

Exceed cars are the cheapest, but because of that they come with quality you will regret! You will often run to the store for buying new batteries, tires and even replacing the engine itself. Maybe you will pay $40, but after a while you will spend around $90 just for parts!

Choose a Type

When searching for Electric RC Cars For Sale you will come upon the dilemma what type should I get? In fact, there are four main types:


These are your average type of street cars. These are my favourite. From all the RC cars I owned, nearly 90% of them were like this. They are the fast and give you the best experience on a flat and paved surface. In your home or on the side walk it will go wild! Just one warning, do not drive it in your backyard, it will go haywire because the dirt needs a lot of electrical power.


Drift RC cars are just like on-road cars with off-road tires. You can slide around, do 180 or 360 drifts and own the road! They have all the same capabilities as a regular RC car, but you can go mad and drift till infinity (or until the batteries die).



A cross over between on and off road cars, they possess fast engines for on road and slowest for off road. Get this one if you cannot decide where to ride your RC car, on the pavement or in your backyard.


Everybody knows the monster fighting machines trucks are! They own every road. You get that adrenaline rush when the fire is coming out of their tires, triggered by their ultra powerful engine and great speed. Sometimes they tend to flip over due to high speed, but they will last you long, long time.

Types of Engines

There are basically two types of engines:

  • Electrical

They are cheaper, cleaner with a low rate of maintenance. When you use them at home they give you the maximum capacity. The downsides are that you need to wait a while to recharge the batteries.

  • Nitro

They have longer run time compared to electrical RC cars, but they do give you that awesome, monster sound. The downside is that you will need to replenish their fuel all the time and put up with their fuel’s bad smell for quite a while. They are far more expensive and complex than electrical ones, but that also means that a lot of things can go wrong too.

Types of batteries

There are two types of batteries you for your RC cars: LiPo and Ni-Mh. LiPo are revolutionary batteries that offer longevity and investing in them is always a good choice. Ni-Mh are cheaper and safer but they do not last for long periods of time. Ni-Mh are rated with one number and LiPo with two.


Did I give your rebellious spirit a boost? With more knowledge you can never lose! Now go out there, choose what you may and let you inner child stay – forever!