Throttle Controllers: A Simple Guide to Improve Your Honda’s Performance

As we all know, vehicle engines operate with the help of what’s known as the combustion process which is possible thanks to both air and fuel. The correct mixture of both air and fuel is needed to give the desired performance when you press the accelerator pedal. This is where your Honda makes use of an ETC. An electronic throttle control body, or throttle body as some people call it, helps regulate the amount of air and fuel that goes into the engine when you press on the pedal.

The more fuel there is the more air is needed. In a way, the level of fuel being used determines the amount of air needed to burn that fuel. But older Honda vehicles and vehicles from other manufacturer’s don’t have a throttle body, but instead, they make use of a carburettor. If your Honda is one of them, then the best way to get the advancements of a throttle body is to get a Honda fit throttle controller.

Basics of Throttle Controllers

What Are They

Throttle controllers are small devices that work on the same principle a throttle body does, by sending electric signals from the pedal to the ECU. These electric signals transfer information from the acceleration pedal through wires, which then set the level of fuel and oxygen needed to be used by the engine. A Honda electronic throttle controller fits in your hand and it can be mounted on your dashboard.

throttle controller


So why would someone install a throttle controller in their Honda? Well, first of all, that is to save on fuel. These small devices help make fuel consumption more efficient, as they provide more accurate data of how much fuel is needed, which also helps preserve the environment since there is no unburned fuel going into the exhaust leading to a bad catalytic converter.

Just like installing a header, installing a Honda throttle control unit can also help improve the performance of your Honda. This little device can be set up so that it adjusts the fuel consumption to a level where it will give you both great fuel economy and performance. You can also set its parameters to suit your driving style or leave it to the device to figure out what’s best for you and your Honda.

Can You Drive With Electronic Throttle Control Light On?

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While you technically can drive with the throttle control light on it is advisable that you bring your Honda to the nearest repair shop. Different things can cause the light to come on and the sooner you find out what it is the better.

Are Throttle Controllers Safe?

If you get a quality Honda electronic throttle control module you can rest assured that it won’t do any harm to your vehicle. But if you get an off-brand one then don’t expect it to be safe for your vehicle.

Installing a Throttle Controller

  1. The first and most important thing to do when installing a throttle controller module on your Honda is to turn off the engine and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Do this especially if you’ve just parked in the driveway. After the 10 minutes have passed, get the throttle controller and its two components out of the packaging.
  2. Once you identify which is which, get the connector plug and put it where the original sensor plug was – the accelerator pedal. Once you have it connected, place the piggyback adapter on it and then the original sensor plug. You can also connect the piggyback adaptor into the original sensor plug and then insert the connector plug into it. It really doesn’t matter, just do whatever seems logical to you.
  3. With everything hooked up, get your throttle controller and place it on the dashboard of your Honda with a piece of double-sided tape. Give your Honda a spin around the neighbourhood just to get the feel of how the throttle controller makes your vehicle run. If you don’t feel like your vehicle is accelerating enough set the parameters of your Honda throttle control module to your liking by getting a look at the owner’s manual for instructions.
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While a new Honda model may have all the latest technological advancements including a throttle body, it might not be as reliable as the throttle body on an older model. If you like driving your tried and true Honda but want the effectiveness of a newer model, installing a throttle controller is one of the simplest ways to ensure you get that. You can solve this issue with a simple Plug’n’Play device that doesn’t require any technical skills to install. Upgrade your Honda with a throttle controller so you don’t have to mess about and spend more in the future to keep it running at its best.