Toyota Kluger: Even more Powerful with the Right Accessories

toyota kluger accessories

There’s nothing like 4WD vehicles, especially pickups. And yes, choosing the right pickup car for you can be a time-consuming process with many things to consider. Although this might take some time, they’re worth it as our home has astounding, wild nature and beautiful sights to see. And out of all of these 4WD vehicles, one that stands out is the Toyota Kluger. It’s a powerful car with a 3.5-litre V6 engine that’s able to take you anywhere you want to go. In other words, you’re buying much more than the vehicle – you’re getting the freedom and the pleasure that comes with it.

Of course, as you’ll use it through the wilderness and off-road sites, it will naturally receive some damage. It’s inevitable, and it can lower the value of your car. However, there is a solution to this. There are many Toyota Kluger aftermarket accessories on the market that provide you the needed protection for any occasion. As such, this article will focus on these parts, what they do, and why they’re worth it. My goal is to give a detailed guide to anyone who wants to add that extra touch to their car.


As there are many sensitive spots of the car that can get damaged, there are parts that exclusively protect that spot. Therefore, if you want to buy Toyota Kluger accessories, you must know what exactly you need before you do so. Toyota has a reputation for making great cars, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve them further.

bonnet protectors

Bonnet Protectors

The first part is the most well-known, and everyone will think to themselves, “oh, I’ve seen that one before”. Yet, very few people know what their exact name is and what they do. The reason why they’re called bonnet protectors is self-explanatory. They protect your bonnet and, as a bonus, your windshield. You use them to deflect debris, bugs, or stone chips, and you install them at the bottom of your bonnet. Consequentially, they protect your paint job from any scratches, therefore, always keeping your car fresh and in good condition.

They do this in two ways. First is the material, second is the natural airflow. The material is tough, impact-modified acrylic. Acrylic is shatter-resistant and lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh on your car, and it can resist almost everything. The second is ingenious as it accomplishes this by pushing the airflow upwards due to the larger angle that the protector provides. Lastly, it requires no drilling to mount, and it’s easy to wash and clean.



The next part goes by many names, weathershields, rain guards, window deflectors, wind deflectors or window visors. The reason for this is that it protects you from the outside world in a myriad of ways. They’re also the most underrated and least known, but they can make a crucial change to your driving experience. This change can be so much that it will never be the same without them.

Their purpose is to allow you to drive with the windows down, and they do this by improving your car’s aerodynamics. If you use them, they will provide a diffusive surface to spread the wind’s impact that’s hitting your car. This feature is perfect if you’re driving on the highway and want to crack a window open, but you don’t want to face the crushing noises of the wind. Furthermore, they can prevent windscreen fogging by improving air circulation, and they provide UV protection from the sun’s rays.

They’re easy to install with two possible methods. The first one is the in-channel mount method. If you use this one, you use a thin flange that fits into the door’s upper window. This method is simple as all you have to do is peel off the protective backing and then apply it. The second one requires that you attach them to the exterior of your car’s door frames with a special tape that you stick above the window channel.

Headlight Protectors

As any driver will tell you, having a visual overview of your environment is paramount. After all, when we drive our car, we exist and function with others in an environment. This truth holds weight, especially at night. That said, the parts that guarantee you have a clear vision of your surroundings are your headlights. They might occupy a small portion of your car, but they’re always helpful.

If you’re worried about any potential damage to them from debris or bugs, then headlight protectors are the ideal Toyota Kluger accessories for you. They’re easy to install and inexpensive, plus they come in two types, film and plastic. Film protectors can be stuck onto the headlights, while plastic protectors need to be screwed onto the headlights.

Headlight Protectors


If you’re installing something on your car, it’s obvious that you want the changes to be beneficial. Well, the abovementioned Toyota Kluger parts and accessories can bring many advantages that can fundamentally change your off-road experience.


If you want your car to always look at its best and for it to shine, these parts can make all the difference. They ensure that there’ll be no scratches or off-putting damage to your car, all the while they’re easy to clean.


All these parts ensure that you won’t be visually or auditory obstructed while driving, and accordingly, they enable you to have a safe and pleasant experience. Furthermore, off-road driving can be slightly dangerous at times as you’ll swerve and hit something accidentally. In this type of situation, they can make a significant difference to your safety, and they can prevent damage.


As previously explained, these parts can limit the damage your car will bear. With that in mind, they can also lower your expenses when it comes to repairs. If you think about it, the difference between scratches or a small area of damage contrasts greatly to an entirely crashed part. Additionally, if you use these parts, you’ll spend less on paint jobs. Also, you’ll be able to use your car for a longer time, meaning that they’re a long-term investment.