A Simple Guide for a Fun and Safe Swim Adventure With Your Dog

Now that it’s summer, water fun is the only refreshment I can think of as of late, so I intend to go on as many swimming adventures as possible. Besides, swimming happens to be beneficial for the overall well-being.

When you have a dog of course that means going on adventures together. Unlike cats (well, most cats at least!), dogs love water generally, and swimming is a great weightless exercise for them since all of the muscles and joints are included in it without the stress.

Fun as it might be, however, there are some things you have to have in mind prior to heading to the outdoors.

Bring Life Jackets

Just because dogs can swim it doesn’t mean each and every dog is an excellent swimmer to begin with, so make sure dog life jackets are part of your basic equipment. First of all some dog breeds have more difficulty than others because of the way their bodies are built, as in the case of Bulldogs, Dachshund and Pugs.

Second, there may be a health issue or obesity preventing the dog from swimming its best, and third, the age matters knowing the older the dog the more the mobility issues.

The dog life jackets are designed to provide utmost protection, give you the peace of mind your four-legged mate would be safe and sound enjoying with you, and are equipped with features that increase safety, like the reflective strips for maximum visibility and handles on the top for easy grabbing.

Check the Terrain

It’s advisable to take precaution measures to ensure nothing goes wrong on your adventure. By this I mean checking the surroundings, starting from the water. If you don’t know the place well, the depth as well as the wildlife living there, be sure to find out prior to swimming there.

Weather might be another aspect you wouldn’t want to surprise you. Dogs feel cold same as we do, and if the water is too cold for you to swim in then the same goes for your beloved furry mate, so don’t risk it and avoid going for a swim if it’s not exactly warm. It’s all fun and games until hypothermia happens.

Lastly, same as you would do with kids, be sure to keep an eye on your dog as soon as it’s in the water. While current can be a danger, so can tiredness, and you would know as long as you constantly pay attention for warning signs.