General Dental Health Guide: Partial Dentures Can Replace a Lost Tooth



A partial denture is used for replacing one or more missing teeth. Usually made of acrylic or metal alloy, it is retained in the mouth by means of suction, clips or small metal claps and can be taken out whenever you want. In cases where all teeth are missing in one arch, a full denture is used to replace all of the missing teeth.


Partial dentures are usually one of the most cost-effective ways of replacing teeth -a single partial denture can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. In addition, this denture provides important support to facial structures such as the lips, helping maintain a more youthful appearance. But the partial dentures benefits don’t stop here.

  • A partial denture can be made in only one day;
  • Usually, no surgery is needed, which makes it simpler for both the patient and the dentist;
  • In contrast to fixed dental bridge (which usually requires preparation of the adjacent teeth to support the fixed bridge), a partial denture causes no damage to the adjacent teeth.
  • Better chewing. A partial denture will restore your bite and ability to chew.
  • Prevention of the common teeth movement as a consequence of the missing teeth. When spaces are left empty for a long period of time, the teeth opposite tend to over-erupt. At this stage, treatment can become much more complicated. This can create new places for food accumulation, which in turn causes tooth decay and gum disease.


Even under the best of circumstances, partial denture doesn’t offer the same chewing efficiency as natural teeth. Retention and stability can be affected by many factors, including the attachment of the device as well as the type of gums, bone, and saliva present in your mouth.

Post Treatment Limitations

To maintain the tissue under the denture healthy, you should take your appliance out of your mouth before going to bed. Also, remember that these instruments aren’t strong as your natural teeth, so you will not be able to chew as strongly with them. The partial denture tends to get food accumulated underneath it, so you may have to remove and clean it after each meal.

Alternatives to Partial Implants

Overall, partial dentures are a quick, budget-friendly option to improve you smile and ensure the health of your mouth.