A Simple Guide to RC Buggies: Hand-Sized Excitement

indoor rc buggy 4wd

You’ve probably found yourself many times, not knowing how to spend your free time. It’s the weekend, again, and you have nothing to do. You wish you could go outside and do something exciting, with the air and the world around you. You reminisce about the times you played sports with your friends, but they’re all busy now or living in different cities. If you’re lost like this, and you’re looking for a fun, social hobby, then you might be interested in RC vehicle.
4wd desert rc buddy car

RC, which stands for remote-controlled, means that you control the mini-vehicle from a distance, offering you a wide range of possibilities to have fun. Now, you might be thinking “isn’t that a kids’ toy?”. The answer is no; it is not a kids’ toy. RC vehicles are for all ages as they allow fast-paced fun with a lot of quick thinking. And there is a diverse community of enthusiasts you can connect with.

Also, they come in a variety of types, such as RC cars and RC trucks which differ from one another in many of their features. But from all the available types, perhaps the most thrilling version is the RC buggy. These are modelled after a real-life buggy car, matching both their looks and off-road capabilities. This article will focus on this type and how to pick the right one, especially since it’s super popular in Australia with a large, social community.

Things to Consider

Kit or Ready-to-Ride?

The first thing you should ask yourself in order to find the right buggy RC car for you is whether to go for a kit or a ready to ride (RTR). If it’s a kit, you’ll need to construct it yourself and paint it. If you don’t want to injure yourself or others, or for it not to work, you’ll have to build it flawlessly. But, if you’re not a big fan of the building process, you can get an RTR, which is already built and painted for you. With that in mind, you should also choose the right size and colour you want. All buggy models come in a scale-ratio to the original and have the same colour scheme.
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However, it’s not all just about aesthetics. The most important thing about a buggy RC car which determines everything else is the motor, as it regulates the speed and power. Your choice of motor also has an impact on the kit and RTR choice. As such, there are two types, electric and nitro. If you choose electric, then you can also go for a kit. But, if you go for nitro, which is more complex, it’s best to get it RTR. This is due to the finer details of the machinery and safety.

Electric vs Nitro Motors

If you go for an electric motor, the benefits are that it’s cleaner, more efficient as the car instantly speeds up and that it’s easier to maintain. But, it does have limited run times, and recharging can take a while. The choice of battery is also crucial, as there are brushed and brushless. If you want a cheaper, less powerful option, then you should choose brushed. But, if you want a powerful battery that lasts, then brushless is the right choice for you.

rc buggy in action nitro

source: rccaraction.com

But, if you want something even more powerful, with longer run times, and a more natural feel, you should go for a nitro engine. You can easily spot these as they have an exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe also makes a difference, as different material and shape allow for more power. Although the car can be more expensive, and more can go wrong. They do after all have a more complex system in which you also have to put in gas.


Furthermore, depending on your choice, make sure to pick the right RC wheels. Also, check whether your drivetrain is adequate. Just like regular vehicles, there are 2WDs and 4WDs. With 2WDs, two of the wheels get all the power (either front or back), and the other two control the direction. A subtype of this is RWD. While with 4WDs, all four get the power.

A Good Remote Controller

Of course, the buggy doesn’t just drive itself. You control it from a distance using a remote controller. This controller then sends signals to the receiver, which commands the car. If you want to take your buggy and drive it over longer distances, you need to have a larger possible connection between the controller and receiver.
rc buddy car controller transmitter

Furthermore, you need to be sure that the controller has all the options you need, and that you can use them. Some models come with an LED display where you can see speed, battery life, etc. On top of this, they have multiple channel options for frequency and multiple model options. So, you can use several cars with the same remote. Finally, some of them also have a fail-safe, so they stop in case of a flat battery.

What’s Your Fun?

Nevertheless, you can get the most expensive and high-spec RC buggy in Australia, and it still wouldn’t be for you. As such, you need to ask yourself first, how and where will you use it? If you plan to use it at home or on-road, then a buggy probably isn’t for you. This is due to their design and extra features that make them most suited for an off-road experience.

For example, pretty much all buggy models are waterproof and are made out of sturdier materials. Moreover, they have better suspension and stabilisers. Therefore, they offer a safer ride if you’re going on rocky paths or rivers. They won’t get stuck, and their motor won’t get easily damaged.

Finally, make sure that you’re up to the task. You shouldn’t only focus on the location and if it’s safe, but also on your own skill level. If you’re relatively new to the RC world, you should get a beginner model. As they require less upkeep and have a weaker engine, they are easier to use. As you slowly progress and become more comfortable, feel free to get an expert one. Otherwise, you risk spending all of your money for nothing, as you can’t control the speed and you’ll crash it.

All in all, if properly used and if you have the knowledge to do so; you will enjoy a great deal of fun, competition, and social connections with a buggy. You’ll meet new friends, compete with them, and be amazed at the turns and speed you reach with fluid movement.