Bathroom Design: A Simple Guide to Buying Shower Heads


When it comes to designing or remodelling bathrooms, one of the most difficult decisions is choosing between a bath and a shower. Since you are here, I believe it’s safe to assume that you are ‘team showers’ because you’ve fallen in love with their accessibility, practicality, and lower water footprint compared to tubs. Bear in mind that the amount of water you spend depends on a number of factors, including your average shower time and the type of showerhead you have. In addition to your water usage, the head type you opt for will have a direct impact on your overall bathroom experience as well. This is why you shouldn’t take buying these units lightly.

So, how to choose the right shower head? Start by thinking about who will be using the unit the most. If, for example, you plan to freshen up your master bathroom, then you might want to look for quality and elegant waterfall shower head. A simpler unit might be ideal for your children or guests. In order to find the perfect product(s) for your needs, it’s important to know the four main categories that most showerheads fall into as well as their pros and cons.

Standard Wall-Mount Shower Heads


Standard wall-mounted showerheads are one of the most commonly used models. These bowl-shaped units typically work with existing plumbing and are really easy to replace. All you’ll need to do is unscrew the existing part and screw on the brand new one. However, you should be very careful, especially when unscrewing the old head because this is when you can damage or break the shower arm. In addition to this, professionals suggest using a pair of pliers or a lubricant to help loosen things and thus avoid a potential leak.

Simplicity and flexibility are the two most significant advantages of standard wall-mount showerheads. These products are also budget-friendly. So, if your goal is to introduce a simple update to an existing bath and/or you’re economising, a wall-mounted model should definitely be high on your to-consider list.

Although they’re known for their simple designs, wall-mount shower heads can come in elaborate, feature-heavy models as well. Adjustable angles, multiple spray modes, and technology to counteract corrosion, hard water buildup, and tarnishing. You can also opt for a model with nozzles that can be adjusted from a pulsing massage to a gentle mist. It goes without saying that such models cost more than regular ones.

Hand-Held Shower Heads


These are connected to the wall with a flexible tube or hose and can be removed from their fixed-mount brackets. Depending on your needs, these brackets can hang low or high on your wall. Hand-held shower heads offer control and allow a range of motion, which is why they’re extremely popular among parents and people with animal companions. Aside from bathing children, dogs, and cats, they are also great for hair washing and rinsing shower enclosures as well.

Many hand-held showers work with existing plumbing, which, of course, is a plus. A hand-held showerhead can be used instead of or in combination with a standard wall-mount one. Just like standard wall-mounted models, hand-held shower units can be loaded with extras. There are plenty of models with massage jets and spray settings. Some can even be mounted to sliding bars that adjust to various heights. Sliding bars are family-friendly features because they ensure that everyone enjoys an optimal experience.

If you decide on this shower head type, make sure to buy a model that’s easy to grip and manoeuvre when your hands are wet and covered with soap.

Top-Mount Shower Heads


As the name suggests, top-mounted shower heads are positioned directly over the bather’s head. They can be suspended from a pendant rail or flush-mounted to the ceiling. Top-mounted shower heads, also known as rain shower heads, turn shower time into a pleasantly drenching experience. If you like the rainfall effect of your fave day spa, then a sleek waterfall shower might be ideal for you. You can choose a high-quality traditional rain shower head that offers a single spray pattern or invest in a model with multiple adjustable nozzles and coloured lighting.

Aside from mimicking rainfall and offering relaxation, rain showers also provide an even and consistent water flow. This is beyond the scope of most typical models.

When it comes to materials, these units are typically made of either chrome or shiny steel. Luckily, there are top-mounted shower heads made of brass and other metals on the market too, meaning finding one to match the existing fixtures in your bathroom shouldn’t be a difficult task. Remember: you can have comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in your bathroom as well.

Unlike the previously mentioned shower head types, top-mounted showers aren’t very easy to replace. Their instalment requires extensive plumbing upgrades, which is why they’re a wonderful solution for new homes and major bathroom renovations. This hot shower option is great for bathrooms with low ceilings as well.

Body Sprays and Panels


If you want to experience the ultimate hydrotherapy spa treatment in your own bathroom, you should definitely consider adding body sprays or multi-spray panels to your shower. Bodysprays and panels are typically paired with other showerheads. They are often parts of semi-custom or custom installations. They are usually installed in vertical rows on opposite or adjacent walls. This is how they generate a crisscrossing water pattern that massages the whole body.

When it comes to installing body sprays, don’t forget to consider the height of each user because these bathroom features are usually set at the shoulder, hip, and knee. As you may have already guessed, body sprays and panels require extensive plumbing work. So, unless your plan includes a complete bathroom renovation, these shower options might not be the right choice for you.

Other Considerations

Once you decide on a showerhead type for your bathroom, consider the following.

Spray Patterns

For enjoyable shower sessions, choose a unit with an easily adjustable spray pattern. Today, most showerheads offer three different spray patterns: a wide coverage, a drenching spray pattern, and a targeted pattern. The first one feels like drenching rain and it’s ideal for everyday use. The second one is good for rinsing shampoo. The last one is great for sore muscles as it produces a sharp spray.

Energy Savings

Since hot showers generate two costs (water and electricity/gas), it’s important not to overlook the flow rate of your shower head. Low-flow showerheads use less water than standard models.

Aerating Shower Heads

Some showerheads are designed and made to aerate or mix air with the water. So, if you love the sensation of intense water pressure, but are concerned about your water footprint, aerating showers are perfect for you as they use less water than conventional fittings.

Lighted Shower Heads

To bring your shower routine to a whole new level of convenience and pleasure, invest in a showerhead enhanced by LED lights. These offer adjustable, mood-matching illumination.