Breathe New Life Into Old Tom Ford Shades: Guide to Lens Replacement


The sun shines every season, not just summer. As we all know, sun rays are beneficial for our health as much as they are harmful. Providing the body with much-needed vitamin D, direct exposure to sunlight is recommended for everyone, from babies to the grandparents of those babies and all who fall in between.

Still, as much as exposure is recommended, raw exposure is not. For the skin this means sunscreen and for the eyes – sunglasses! Sunscreen and sunglasses protect our skin and eyes, respectively, from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can cause more than one type of damage.

Sunglasses aren’t just a necessity for protection, though. With a long history behind them, they’ve grown into a fashion statement and there’s barely any outfit that doesn’t look just a tad bit better with them! Paired with the perfect sunhat, and you’re ready to take on the day!

Because they are such a staple piece, a lot of us spend a long time searching for that one perfect pair of shades that will both frame our face perfectly and keep us protected! Designer shades like Tom Fords are obviously a perfect choice as they offer a variety of styles and models and they have just the lenses you want that will offer protection from the sun.

After we find them, naturally, we wear them all the time and this can result in damage, wear-and-tear, and ultimately end up in the pair rendered unusable! Or is it?

Introducing Replacement Sunglass Lenses


Source: Ape To Gentleman

Enter these bad boys! If you haven’t heard of replacement sunglass lenses before, we’re sorry about all the pairs of sunglasses you’ve thrown out because of damaged lenses! Still, look on the bright side! Now you’ll know!

You might think that because your Tom Ford sunglasses are old, the chance of finding replacement lenses for them is slim, but guess again! You can find replacement Tom Ford lenses online for virtually any pair out there!

You’ll Save Money

As we know, designer shades like Tom Fords can get pretty up there when it comes to their price. They can start from as high as $450 dollars and only move up at price. For many people that buy designer shades, they are an investment that is expected to last a long time, so it makes sense that the price would be this high if the product is good.

However, no matter how good a product is, time is still time and it can affect anything and everything. Also, accidents happen! This is the number one reason replacement lenses are such a good idea. Instead of having to throw the whole pair away and get a completely new one, you can just buy Tom Ford replacement lenses for a fraction of the price and have your shades looking brand new once again.

There is a catch, though. Since the trend of replacement lenses has been surging, there are a lot of retailers online and otherwise who offer replacement lenses, but not all of them are genuine. You’ll really need to pay attention to the seller and the reviews on their page so you can be sure you are going to get polarized, coated lenses and not just a cheap piece of plastic. It’s the only way you’ll actually save money with replacement lenses!

It’s Convenient

Although you can order lenses online and replace them at home, and there are comprehensive guides to do this, there is another, hassle-free option available.

You can just mail in your Tom Fords to the retailer and they’ll replace the lenses you’ve chosen for you, then return them looking great.

This is an amazing option, as far as I’m concerned, as it’s basically like buying new shades, only you’re really spending way, way less. By mailing them in and having the lenses replaced, you completely cut out any risks that may be if you were to try and change the lenses yourself, you get a quality service, and you end up with brand-new-looking shades in a matter of days!

The people offering these services are professionals in the field, so they really know what they’re doing. You will be sending your shades in safe hands and receiving them without any risks of lenses falling out or with damaged lenses.

Once again, let me stress the importance of having a genuine retailer do this process. One more thing to think about here is how you’re going to package the shades to send them in. Make sure to check out all the mailing options out there and pick the best mailer bag for the job. Something cushioned and sturdy should do the trick!

You Can Customize Your Shades

tom ford


When I say you’re going to breathe new life into your shades, I really mean it!

Say you’ve gotten shades with a certain coloured lense and now you want to change that. Maybe your eyesight has gotten a bit worse or you’ve read that some other type of lens is better for what you need.

Replacement lenses come to save the day here as you don’t have to stick to the original version of the ones you’ve had. You can choose the colour, the polarization, the coatings, anything! The only thing that really has to match is the shape, everything else is up to you!

This is a great way to get unique Tom Fords that nobody else really has. You can make them match your style better and just have fun with the whole thing!

One thing you can definitely be sure of, though, is the fact that the lenses you’ll be getting, assuming you’re buying from a trusted seller, are going to be as good or better than the ones you had on originally, no matter what changes you’d like to apply to them!

To Sum Up

By getting proper replacement lenses for your Tom Ford sunglasses you’ll save money, save time, save yourself the hassle, and most importantly – you’ll save your favourite shades! You’ll also get a quality product that you can completely customize to your needs and liking, and all that with just a few clicks of a button!

As I said before, you can get replacement Tom Ford lenses online, but you have to be wary of the seller. Do your research, send in those shades, and enjoy your new, revitalized sunglasses that will continue to be a staple item in your wardrobe for years to come!