Breathing Easily Through the Nose: Guide to Nasal Sprays


Having a clogged nose is no fun. It’s a very uncomfortable condition, and even though it’s a mild thing compared to other health problems, it’s still something you’d rather not have. A stuffed nose leaves you with an overall feeling of being clogged up completely, messes with your senses of smell and taste, and that constant need to blow your nose is just overwhelming.

When you find yourself in a situation like this, you should find a way to treat it and relieve your body. To do this, you should look into nasal preparation. There are different kinds of nasal preparations out there, but the gist of them all is basically the same. They’re medicated nasal sprays that have a specific composition that can help you feel better faster.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using medicated nasal sprays when you’re feeling clogged up!

Alleviate Symptoms

A clogged up nasal cavity can be a symptom that comes along with many different medical issues. From the common cold and the flu to things like sinusitis, a condition that can be both acute or chronic. Either way, it results in a congested nose, headaches, a runny nose in some cases, and so on.

When faced with either of these conditions, whether acute or otherwise, using a nasal spray will greatly help alleviate these symptoms and will make you feel better almost instantly.

Medicated nasal preparations have certain chemicals in them that break up the congestion itself while also treating any infection that might be around that’s causing it to happen.


When your nose is blocked you’re forced to breathe through your mouth, something that is a lifesaver in this given situation but is also something that creates a different problem.

By breathing through your mouth you actually expose your throat to drying, which might then develop into a dry cough, worsening your situation. Furthermore, if you have a clogged up nose or a runny nose, whatever it is that is causing it will start to run backwards, toward your throat.

As we know, our throat, nose, and ears are very intertwined and connected, so when mucus starts to run back to your throat it irritates its lining, promoting yet another cough.

Nasal sprays will help you break down that mucus and prevent it from going (or staying) anywhere, thus alleviating the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Keep Chronic Issues At Bay

Chronic issues are the worst. We spoke about sinusitis before, but it’s not just that. Many people suffer from allergies that are chronic and show up at certain times of the year, like a pollen allergy that bothers people in spring, when everything starts blooming, all the way to autumn.

A pollen allergy manifests itself by blocking nasal paths, inducing coughs, watery eyes, dry throat, and many other symptoms that are connected to one another.

We already explored the connection between our ears, throat, and nose, so you can see how a chronic issue that affects one of these can easily grow into something more and irritate other parts of your body.


By using a specially made nasal spray you can really help yourself out and keep that chronic issue you’re battling at bay. There are also things like inhalers people use when allergies are in question that help with breathing through the mouth as well, keeping the lungs and throat in check.

When in the case of sinusitis, things are a bit different. Sinusitis, whether acute or chronic, is the result of an infection. It affects the mucosal lining of the paranasal sinuses, resulting in the symptoms we went over earlier.

Sinusitis can be treated in many different ways and surely requires a combination of things, but medicated nasal sprays are on that list. By finding the nasal spray that works for your condition you’ll get to feel much better much sooner and won’t feel as congested and sick as you did before using it.

Maintain a Healthy Nasal Environment

Our body is a semi-open system, meaning things go in and they also go out. All these exchanges, especially in places where a lot of them are happening, like the nose and throat, can result in drying, infections, and so on.

We know that our nose is our first defence between the outside environment and the one we have inside. The little hairs located in the nose are acting as a shield and trapping potential harmful agents from entering the body and causing issues.


This may cause our nasal environment to become compromised, so we need to do everything that we can to stop that from happening. Using medicated nasal sprays is one way to do this.

By spraying the solution in your nose as prescribed you can keep the lining moist, which will, in turn, promote healthy flora to develop, making it easier for the nasal cavities to do their job without becoming inflamed.

Final Thoughts

If you’re already looking at nasal sprays, that probably means that you or somebody that you know is facing some issues that are in need of nasal preparation to make them better.

Remember that as much as they are helpful, medicated nasal sprays should not be overused. There are no allegations of nasal sprays being addicting, but they should always be taken as a serious medication and only be used as prescribed by your doctor or indicated on the packaging itself.

By overusing nasal sprays you put yourself at risk of other issues I’m sure you won’t like to deal with when you’re already facing the ones that made you get the nasal spray in the first place!

Always follow the rules, make sure to take enough and proper vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, maintain a healthy diet, and sooner rather than later your body will go back to normal!