Camping Trip: A Simple Guide for Purchasing Lights

camping lights

Camping away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a great escape we all could do with every now and then. It also offers the unique chance to sleep under the stars which aren’t that visible (or at all!) from the skyscrapers and bright lights at the concrete jungles. Still, as exciting as staying in darkness might seem, this doesn’t mean you’d be able to pull off a whole trip outdoors without the proper lighting.

Even if you enjoy the lovely sight of stars twinkling as you sail away to dreamland, you require the lighting sources to be able to make your way from point A to point B when the sun goes down. Lucky for you, there’s such a vast array of options specialised camp and outdoor stores provide you with, it’s easy to ensure your comfort and safety. Here are some aspects you should have in mind when you’re shopping for the ideal lighting products for your next camping trip.

Consider the Different Types of Lights

Since there’s a wide range of choices, it’s only natural to start by getting to know the types better.

Area Lights

area camping lights

For instance, if you require either to shed light on the tent or the camp area right outside, you can opt for the compact and user-friendly camping LED light bar designs. Though lanterns and gas lamps are nice alternatives too, traditional ones at that, the LED bars are modern and far superior when it comes to low power consumption, durability, and mounting options.

Besides offering a wide and pleasant light beam that wouldn’t cause eye-strain, the bars are available in different sizes based on the different applications you can use them for. Some of the advanced designs are equipped with magnets so all you have to do is rely on the magnetic force to attach them to metal poles which truly makes them ideal for hassle-free camp lighting setup.

Since they’re waterproof, you can use the LED camping light bars both inside and outside, and they make for perfect task light sources. For instance, you can attach them near your BBQ, dining table or even right above you for reading. Should you require more illumination than what they provide, above 300 lumens, you’ve got other products, in the likes of tent lights and the extremely powerful floodlights.

Personal Lights

If you want to have proper illumination wherever you go after dark, be it to the loo, a hike around, or walk with your dog, you have to have your personal lighting too, which includes choosing from flashlights, headlamps and light sticks. All three come with their own advantages, given that torches are traditional designs that pack more battery power besides brightness when compared to the more modern headlamps that are more practical.

Lastly, the glow sticks have a long lifespan without even requiring batteries, and they’re great for use around flammables. In case you decide to pile up on lights that don’t require batteries, you might also consider the eco-friendly solar torches and lanterns.


One can never have too much lighting when camping away from civilisation. The reason for this lies in the fact you never know when a spare might be needed because batteries died, or you dropped some lights and broke them. The last thing you want is to be left out in the dark!

Moreover, emergencies sometimes require more lighting, so it’s advisable to think of camping LED light bars, torches, floodlights, tend lights, headlamps, and glow sticks as your essential tools. With this thought in mind, it’s advisable to acquire more of these tools, as well as adequate batteries, than you initially planned to be on the safe side. And once you do, be sure to let everyone know where to find them in case of need.

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Consider Their Features

Now that you know there are so many choices you can pick from, it’s time to focus on the features that are typical for all of them, which includes the colour, the beam, and the brightness.


The reason there are lights available in different colours has to do with the fact they’re all useful in their own way. For example, besides the usual white light you get from camping LED light bar, you can decide to expand your collection with both blue and red lights too since the first are convenient for book and map reading, whereas the latter is perfect for making your way through the darkness without disturbing the eyes of other campers.


camping lights

When shopping, you’re going to come across something called light beam. Having a wide beam means the torch, or whatever lighting option you choose will offer you great visibility around you, while a narrow beam covers more distance. Speaking of which, the bigger the distance of the beam, the further it would project light.


This is indicated by the lumens of a bulb. Simply said, the bigger the number of the lumens, the brighter your light source. You can choose the brightness depending on the tasks you need the lights for.