Cycling Clothing Guide: What to Wear on a Bike Ride

cycling clothing

There are so many options to choose from, when it comes to essential accessories for cycling, including clothes, footwear, protective gear and other accessories, that it can be really difficult to choose. The most important thing, just like with any other type of clothes or footwear, is that you are comfortable. For cycling specifically, two things are key – comfort and safety. And, during such activities, uncomfortable garments aren’t only an annoyance but they can even put you in danger. 

Naturally, what makes you feel best, is the most important thing to take into account. But before you go online to find an Australia bike shop, you should make your research and learn some important things about your options, as well as what you should be looking for. When it comes to garments you will be wearing when cycling, the number one factor to take into account is the quality of the materials. Namely, physically demanding activities like this ask for clothes that aren’t going to make you sweat, but will rather allow the sweat to evaporate. This means that you need breathable and moisture-wicking clothing.

Choose Clothing According to Discipline

First of all, it’s important to note that the products you need will defer from discipline to discipline. In other words, like with your cycling equipment, when you are choosing the things that you will wear on your rides, you should take your style into account.

Road Biking

road biking clothing

The goal of everything you need for road cycling is speed, and clothes that will not interrupt this in any way are the way to go. What you need to take into account is aerodynamics, speed, climates, lightweight, and of course, comfort. This is why, tight clothing to navigate through the wind, light jerseys, and sturdy sneakers, that will allow maximum energy. Quality materials are of course crucial, and the rest is left to your preferences and tastes.

Mountain Biking

Protection and comfort are the two most important things to look for when it comes to mountain biking. The clothing that you can find in a good cycle shop that’s specifically intended for mountain biking will act as comfortable, protective armour. This is why good quality, resistant material, that’s waterproof and moisture-wicking are key. 

Urban Biking

When it comes to riding around town, whether it’s for long or short distances, the rules about clothing are much looser. Essentially, you can wear whatever you like, as long as it feels comfortable, and doesn’t restrict any movements. However, if you are riding around all the time for longer periods, you may think about investing in some accessories, like a cycling jacket, protector for pants, gloves, helmet, and so on.

What Do You Need?

You can find many different types of clothing and accessories made for cycling. However, there are some essentials that any biker needs, including biking clothes, footwear and protective gear. When you are choosing cycling clothing, you need to consider safety, comfort and, finally, your style. 

Jerseys and T-shirts

cycling jerseys and t-shirts

Unless you ride on the trail, jerseys don’t have to be specialized. However, most bikers like to have fabrics designed specifically for cycling wherever they ride. A good jersey with waterproof and dirt-resistant materials will provide you limitless comfort however long you ride, which will ultimately do wonders for your performance. Jerseys and t-shirts are the best garments to show off your style. You can choose details, colours and prints that speak to the world of your style and personality. 


Considering how much leg work you are doing while riding, it goes without saying that it’s really important to choose the right tights, shorts and leg warmers. There are many different types of bottoms for cycling, and you can choose according to the temperature or according to your discipline. 

Quality pants for biking that you can find in a reliable bicycle shop have padding that makes sitting on the bike saddle and overall riding experience significantly more comfortable. They also provide protection against friction, which can irritate your skin when you are going on longer rides. They also offer a protective layer against the wind and the rain. 

Base Layer

A base layer will keep you warm if you are riding in cold weather. Find an Australia bike shop that offers garments specifically made for this purpose. Don’t forget that full range of motion is essential. This is why the garments that bikers use as a base layer for cycling, shouldn’t be restrictive, and shouldn’t add bulk. Aside from being comfortable on your skin, moisture-wicking and warm, they should also be unnoticeable.

Protective gear

cycling protective gear

Regardless of whether you are riding in the mountain, on the road, or you are simply strolling around town, you need to be protected in case you fall. Hamlets, cycling glasses and gloves can be as important as a reliable bicycle light. Helmets are essential to protect your head from injury, gloves will protect the skin of your hands, and the cycling glasses will protect your eyes from dust or any other particle that may go in them, and they will help you see in case the sun is bright, or from the glow of the snow or water.