Essential Classroom Supplies for Teachers

Teacher interacting with kids in class with tablet

Fostering a positive, supportive yet challenging classroom environment for student learning is the goal of every teacher. Whether you are a new teacher or a veteran educator, you need to have a variety of educational supplies and teaching resources to get your students interested in learning, encourage initiative and hence promote a growth mindset.

From the proper type of flooring to cute decorative accessories, educational toys and portable teaching easels, any classroom can be transformed from all right to just right.

The Importance of Smart Classroom Management


Student learning is the number one collective goal, and as a teacher, you aim at employing innovative and effective classroom management strategies and techniques in your way of providing a roadmap to your students. Educational tools and supplies come in handy and help kids to stay present and on task, while also having fun and learning.

Having a well-organized classroom with all the tools within your hand’s reach gives you more control over everything that’s happening in your classroom. It allows you to communicate better with your students and be more attentive to their reactions, their involvement, their focus, their attentiveness. Hence, you can truly notice how much each student has really understood the subject.

Classroom Essentials  for Teachers and Students 

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There are a lot of classroom essentials for teachers that can improve the atmosphere and instructional possibilities of your educational environment. Whether you are a first year teacher or a veteran, there are some classroom supplies that are almost universally acknowledged by teachers as being essential, including basics like pencils and pencil sharpeners, planners, desk organizers, papers and crayons, teaching easels and whiteboards, flip chart markers and more.

Teacher Planners

Planners are the ultimate classroom essentials for teachers and tutors to better organize their classrooms. Planning and time management is so important for effective teaching, thus you are more than likely going to want to include a planner as part of your collection of essential classroom supplies. Having a great teacher planner is paramount as it contains everything you need and hence helps you to stay organized, schedule lessons, monitor assignments and track student progress. When you start looking for your perfect teacher planner, you will come across different combinations of layouts, dates, and formats. Try a few of them and see which one compliments you the best.

Pencils and Pencil Sharpeners

Pencils, as well as pencil sharpeners, are essentials for yourself and your students. Make a stockpile of these for your classroom supplies since you will always need sharpened pencils for writing and schoolwork. Although high-quality pencils can make a difference, there is a wide range of cheaper graphite pencils and pencil sets to choose from. Also, you can find plenty of cool coloured pencils sets that embrace vivid and brilliant colours. These make an excellent choice for kids to draw or colour colouring books. Additionally, you may consider getting flair pens with fast drying, water-based for your marking and writing needs.

Desk Organizers

Having a well-organized teacher desk workspace is essential. Reflect on how you need your workspace to function, be intentional about it and maintain it daily. Organize your desk intentionally so that the space can work for you and feel more like your home away from home. A desk organizer can help you keep only the absolutely essential items on your desk, hence saving you from wasting time trying to find things. With a desk organizer, you will know where everything is when you need it most.

Classroom Baskets

classroom baskets on shelfs

Classroom baskets are a great way to keep your classroom organized and save on space. Baskets are a convenient, long-lasting solution to your classroom storage needs. They can be kept on a shelf, table, desk or floor, and are easy to move around. Classroom baskets come in many shapes and sizes for holding different materials. They can hold everything, from pencils and markers, papers, paper clips, scissors, to calculators and toys.

Teaching Easels and Whiteboards

Teaching easels and whiteboards are an essential learning and teaching tool. Having an easel enhances your teaching style as well as develops and boosts student’s creativity. It offers many different visual learning opportunities, including handwriting, painting and drawing. With a classroom easel, you can stay on top of the development of your students’ skills. From a simple whiteboard to a high-tech smartboard, there are plenty of classroom easels that offer an interactive learning experience.