Underwire Bikini Tops: A Popular Swimwear Choice!

swimwear with underwire bikini

There are many reasons why summer brings a great deal of excitement and warm sandy beaches, the pleasant sea breeze, the sound of the crashing waves, and the smell of the sea air are some of them. Just because we’re a step away from winter here in the Land Down Under doesn’t mean we can’t stop dreaming of the warm months ahead or prepare for them.

Speaking of which, shopping for swimwear is one of the best motivations to get into an exercise mood and work on your summer body. Swimwear may not be the most hassle-free purchase, especially when you consider all the different styles and types and which body shapes they are meant to flatter. But if there was one type, in particular, we recommend you invest your money in this year, let it be a two- or one-piece swimwear with underwire bikini top.

What Is Considered Underwire Bikini?

underwire bikini
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Basically, it’s a one or two-piece bathing suit that’s got a supportive top – specifically the bust, hence the “underwire” adjective. Much like bras, and lingerie, this type of bikini top has a wire structure shaped like a C that is sewn at the lower part of the cups, and it’s usually made of metal.

Think of this as a mechanism that is added for support, that may or may not come with additional removable cups that further shape and define the breasts. If you’re worried about whether this wire detail interferes with the stylishness, no one would be able to tell it’s there since there are two-piece models with nicely shaped underlines to conceal it.

Why Buy Underwire Bikini?

underwire bikini
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The answer is simple: because they’re not like the other types of swimwear. There are several benefits that these useful underwire bikini top designs can provide you with:


Hasn’t there been a time when you thought you could do with a little more support from your bathing suit? Ladies who are endowed in the chest area have struggled with other tops but there’s an end to this with the underwire feature that offers the much-needed bosom comfort and foundation.

In addition to keeping your breasts perky, such bathing suits are godsent in the sense they take pressure off your shoulders too which is great if you plan on lounging at the beach more than a couple of hours. This is especially true for the styles of bikini top with underwire with straps over the shoulders that are helpful with evenly distributing the weight. Avoid the halter style if you don’t want to end up with neck pain after long use.


If you’re reading this article thinking “but I don’t have a large bust…” the great news is the underwire bikini swimsuits are suitable even for ladies with B cups. As long as you choose the design with the straps, you can adjust the comfort and support you need, so you too can benefit from the incredible lifting effect. Think of it as the design that can enhance your lovely natural assets, no matter how small they may be!


Women go through a lot of hassle when shopping for swimwear in the right size. You probably had your share of the struggle over the years with regular designs, however, rest assured things are much easier with the underwire bikini top bathing suits. This is because such models are mainly based on bra sizing, which makes matters a great deal simpler.


Treating yourself to swimsuits with underwires will definitely be an investment in your sexiness as well. No more would you have to worry about looking saggy in that area (whether it’s age or pregnancy-related), and the incredible cleavage of both low-cut, square and plunging neckline models would only further enhance your beach look.


If you’re the type of gal who’s always up for adventures, even at the beach, whether it’s playing some beach volleyball, or having a nice run after the swim to dry up and tan, then this too is a reason more to invest in bikini with underwire instead of bandeau. Regardless of your adventures, your bosom will stay firmly in place.


Don’t think that you’d be limited in any way when it comes to versatility because there are various options of underwire swimsuits you can shop from. There are simple solid colour styles that don’t have any embellishments on them, as well as those that have embellishments like ruches and crystals. There are differences in the straps too, which can be thinner and wider.

Moreover, there are several cuts, colours, and prints, and even if you only buy an underwire top, you can just as easily pair it with a different bottom that you love to wear. The fun of it is you can create your own stylish combos, and even take it a step further by introducing accessories like necklaces and ladies’ hats to your beachwear look. Consider your ensembles before making the final purchase!