Your Guide to Optimizing the Space in Your Apartment

an interior bench seat with metal black legs support and a grey cushioned seating surface

Not everyone has the opportunity to live in a wide-spaced apartment or a house. You may like smaller spaces for their quick maintenance and cleaning, or because that’s how much you can afford at the moment. But either way, you’ll need to have a clean, well-organised space to live in. Organization and practicality are key in small apartments.

Making use of every centimetre available will give you enough room to have everything you need and still have enough moving grounds and comfort. Plan carefully the positioning of the furniture, its size and purpose. A lot of people learn to live better with less because of their creativity. A small apartment doesn’t mean you have to live in clutter, or that you simply must get a bigger place to live in. If you have your priorities straight, you’ll easily find the best solution.


wooden indoor bench with metal black legs

Benches are a great addition to every home, not just for small apartments where you need to save space. They can go in your living room or outside on balconies and gardens. The main reason why bench seats are so good for small apartments is their versatility. They can work as a seating area, storage space, and tabletop at the same time.

Chairs can take up a lot of space, but benches will sit two, three or four people without crowding the place, and still leave enough space around them. More and more benches are now designed with a dual purpose, sitting area and storage space. You can fit so many things in there, throw pillows, clothes, bedsheets, board games and anything else you can imagine. If you decide on a bench without cushioning you can also use it as a coffee table. You can have coffee or tea with your friends or eat a quick breakfast. A nice cover or some neat accessories will make it an unforgettable piece of furniture.

Another great thing is that you can find cheap practical bench seats for sale everywhere these days. They are affordable and easy to find in homeware stores, retailers, thrift shops, yard sales and antique fairs. Some of them may be on the expensive side because of their age or some historical connection, but most of them are something that all of us can afford. There are also some cool DIY projects you can do and create your own bench with the right size, colour and features you need.

Storage Furniture

living room coffee table with storage

Storage in a small apartment can be an issue most of the time. But to have more storage you don’t have to add more closets, wardrobes, or cabinets. There are simple and creative solutions that would allow you to use up every corner of the place. Take the example of modern coffee tables. Nowadays there are designs that offer storage space as well. Guests won’t even know it’s there if you don’t lift the lid or open the drawers. These coffee tables are great for storing books, magazines, board games, towels, pillowcases and much more.

Beds can also be very versatile in this situation. The most famous space-saving solution is probably the Murphy bed. This bed, also known as a wall bed, is one of the most practical ways to save space and make the room look bigger and more organized. They use the vertical space by folding up the wall during the day, or anytime you don’t need them. They are safe to use and there is no risk of them folding while you sleep. When you fold up the Murphy bed, you get extra space for moving, sitting, and doing multiple activities.

If you don’t like the idea of a foldable bed, you can go with a standard one but make it taller. This way you’ll have additional storage space beneath it. You can incorporate big drawers or put bins underneath. If the height of the apartment allows, you can build an extra floor, a corner of the house connected with stairs. You can use it as an office, bedroom or your own indoor garden filled with flowers or fresh herbs. Foldable desks, extendable tables and pop-up kitchens are also very popular right now and are amazing space-savers.


a large mirror with a black frame in the dining room

We all know that with the right mirror even the smallest apartment can look bigger. They may be the cheapest way to achieve this. But a lot of people think that placing the mirror randomly, without even considering its size, will have the same effect. No, positioning and size matter. One mirror on the right wall can brighten up the place and make it look bigger than it is. Mirrors that have the same width as the furniture will do best. If you place it behind the furniture, you’ll get the optimal effect.

Hang it opposite your main source of light if you can. The best option will be across windows. It can also be placed behind pendant lights or bedside lamps. You can do paneled mirrors that will give you a marvelous view of the room from many different angles. Experts recommend a simple, one-dimensional frame that won’t take the spotlight. Oftentimes you can find mirrors and bench seats for sale at the same place, so keep an eye on yard sales or thrift shops.

Clear the Clutter

Apartment with a minimalistic, clean, and simple design

If you just moved to this small apartment, your place is probably filled with clothes, shoes, bed sheets, books and so many other things. The best way to clear this “mess” is with selection and classification. Start with the old things you can’t use anymore that will go in the bin. After that select the things that are usable but you don’t need any more. They can go to your local Red Cross organization, or homeless shelters, or you can sell them on different websites to make some extra money. Some of them may even end up at your friend’s house.

There are things you’re emotionally connected to and don’t want to get rid of. In this case, you can always rent additional storage spaces where you can keep your stuff. For example, your winter and summer clothes are different and if you don’t have the space to keep them in the apartment, rent a storage unit and place them there. Choose the things you need carefully because many times we stay buried underneath piles of things we don’t need. Be decisive and stay true to your decisions.

In Summary

There are millions of solutions, tips, and tricks you can come across. Find the right one that fits you most and do the best you can in order to optimize the space. A clear and organized living place means a clear and organized mind.