Simple Guide To Buying Decorative Knobs

kitchen knobs pulls mixed together white shaker cabinets

Once everything is set in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room with furniture, it’s time to get the ‘jewellery’ i.e the knobs. You can easily spruce up your cabinets and drawers with decorative knobs to give them a whole new look. These pieces of hardware can change the look of your furniture and can make a statement piece out of your old drawers or kitchen cabinets.

When buying decorative door knobs, you can play with the material (acrylic, glass, metal), the shape, and turn a completely simple (even boring) cabinet into a little piece of art. If you’re looking for knobs and aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few things that may help you in your search.

Types of Knobs

Knobs are small handles that are mounted with a single screw. Let’s learn more about them and their different types.

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Adjustment Control Knobs

Adjustment control knobs are mainly ISO 9001-certified. The variety in shapes goes from round, spindle-shaped, pointer, wing and rotary switch. These knobs come in different sizes and colours and their materials vary from metal, aluminium, stainless steel to plastic. Adjustment control knobs are mainly used for lab equipment, medical devices, air conditioning and so on.

Appliance Knobs

Appliance knobs include bar knobs, ball knobs, clamping hand knobs, position indicator knobs, collet knobs, slider knobs, T-handle knobs. They come in various shapes such as pointed, dial, bar, round, or fluted.

Door Knobs

Not all doorknobs are made the same. They can be door knobs for cabinets, shower doors, access panels and are made from stainless steel, zinc, chrome, iron, bronze or steel. Their finish varies and is very important when buying because it should complement the door’s material and colour. Be sure to check the diameter, product size and lock type before deciding on a specific model.

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Control knobs

Manufactured for application where precise position adjustment is needed, control knobs are often made of nylon, plastic, metal or aluminium. Control knobs have lobes, soft grips, revolving handles and knurls. These knobs can be found most in industrial, military and commercial applications.

Refresh Your Furniture With Decorative Knobs

Sometimes adding new decorative door knobs, can change the entire style of a piece of furniture. Here are a few ideas on knob models you can use to add that much-needed final touch for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or kid’s rooms.

Kid’s Theme

The last thing your kid will want is to have boring, simple metal knobs on their wardrobe doors or drawers. When buying, it’s a good idea to leave your little one to choose they want. Get large flower knobs for the drawers in your daughter’s room. Even the most boring and simple piece of furniture can get a playful note with the right knobs. Boys can choose animal-themed knobs such as lizards, or sports themes like basketball or football-themed knobs.

kids room with decorative knobs on their wardrobe



If you want something fancy and elegant that will jazz up your old or new furniture, you can go for glass knobs. The beauty of these knobs is that they often come in various shapes such as diamonds, simple clear balls with “bubbles” inside, hearts, stars, and what not. Glass knobs won’t disrupt the design of your furniture but will give it a little glam touch up.


If you’re looking for knobs to match the entire style of your home (rustic, or French provincial for example), it’s best to get wood knobs. These pieces can do wonders for the complete look of your vanities, drawers or cabinets that are made to look as if they’re unfinished, rustic, or boho.


For those of you who prefer classic style and would rather not experiment, nickel knobs are an excellent idea. Made to match pretty much all cabinets (kitchen or bathroom) drawers or vanities, nickel knobs are elegant, discreet and highly functional.


Go for a matte finish if your kitchen is made from a shiny material. If the lighting in the room is too bright, matte won’t reflect it. You can also go for matte knobs for simple and minimalist modern pieces of furniture. Matte is exceptionally good looking for dark colours such as black (get black matte knobs for an entirely white rustic kitchen for example).
If you want to breathe some life into some old pieces of furniture that seem dull and boring, get polished knobs that will refresh the design and even the colour.

matt black knobs for kitchen


Consider the Finish & Material

The material and finish depend mainly on your preferences, but in general, it’s best to keep in mind your furniture’s colour, the lighting in the room and the appliances. The hardware material is also important. Also mainly made from metal, knobs can be also made of glass, crystal, plastic, stone and wood. The colour differs from material to material, so you can easily find the exact tone you need.