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Crimping Tool An Indispensable Utensil for Those Who Do Nothing by Halves
Crimping Tool: An Indispensable Utensil for Those Who Do Nothing by Halves

The only thing that sets us apart from other animals is that we have the Internet. Oh, that, and the fact that we have fully opposable thumbs that render us capable of using tools. Human civilization really took off with the invention of more an more elaborate tools. Starting with simple cutting tools, building tools, agricultural tools, weapons, all the way to today’s machines, computers, and a whole lot of hand held tools, each with a specific purpose, without which we could not possibly imagine the society we currently live in.

For people that work with wires and cables, cutters, snippers, crimpers, and strippers are some of the indispensable tools of the trade. When you are dealing with wires you need a tool that is both precise, consistent, and reliable. Whether you are working on cars, electrical or network wiring in homes and buildings, or you are making fine jewelry, quality tools are essential.

Using a clipping, stripping, or a crimping tool, has its own separate purpose. Universal tools that can cut, strip and crimp are very common and they offer convenience and versatility. However, if you are planning to do more serious wiring, you will need a dedicated tool for each purpose, since it’s much more efficient and comfortable to handle. Whichever tool you need, make sure it features a handle that has a rounded or contoured ergonomic grip which will allow you to work with it for extended periods of time without any strain on your hands.

A crimping tool needs to effectively form permanent physical bonds between cables and connectors. This type of connection is essential for a system to operate properly and a lot of manufacturers are designing crimping tools for attaching connectors to the most common types of cables. The most typical and practical types of crimping tools are ones that are handheld.

Crimping Tool

Handheld crimping tools are either designed for a specific type of connectors or they can use interchangeable dies for increased versatility. When you are using interchangeable dies you need to be able to modify the crimper quickly and not compromise the quality while doing so.

As I mentioned before, comfort plays a very important role. With the increasing reports of repetitive stress related injuries, a lot of the companies are focusing on making ergonomic tools. Such features include a round handle that perfectly fits in your hand and a shorter grip diameter for people with smaller hands that also offers more mechanical advantages. Don’t forget to consider the weight of the tool, since it also plays a role in terms of comfort.

Just like any other product, price is often closely related to quality. Depending on the number of features and the materials used to manufacture the tool, prices can range from 30$ up to 500$. People often say that you get what you pay from, but unless you are doing wiring at NASA, I wouldn’t suggest buying the most expensive one since you can get great performance and durability with some of the cheaper models too.

Deciduous Trees
How to Select the Right Tree for Your Yard

Choosing how to decorate your backyard so it satisfies both your desire for aesthetics and purpose, is a responsible task that asks for time and dedicated research and planning. There are trees that become better and more beautiful as time goes by, and then there are those that can cause only trouble in your yard. Having this in mind, the process of choosing starts with having a clear answer to a few simple questions such as – why do you want trees: for shadow, for intimacy, or for decoration?


Whichever the reason may be, there are few general facts you should know before you choose to plant them in your yard. For example, not all small trees are young trees. Some are small because of lack of vigor, which will be made obvious by the condition of the tree’s bark. Also, all deciduous trees can be divided into two groups depending on whether they do good in city atmosphere or are better in suburbian areas. City trees have a lot shorter lifespan than their respective counterparts. Read More →

Simple Guide to Bring Out the Beauty of Your Patio with Planters and Pots

Though a relaxing night in front of your TV or with your laptop right by your side binge-watching Netflix series sounds like the perfect pastime activity, nothing could measure up to the time spent outside in your beloved patio. The list of things you can do are endless, from the chance to catch some meteor shower, throw a party, work on your tan with some sunbathing, watch the spectacles of colour in nature during sunset or even do some sun salutation yoga poses to greet the coming of a new day and work on your meditation skills in the soothing company of silence.

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One-pot gardens: Planter Ideas for Urban Gardeners

With the growing trend for minimalism and the implementation of compactness in designs, more accent is placed on space. The large scale of migrations from village life to city life, and the global growth of population led to preference of simplification as it is both convenient and time-saving, which is especially crucial in the fast-paced world of today. While some segments of life have been positively affected, for instance through the role of technology in communication, access to information and advanced medical treatments and procedures, other segments are not equally affected. The speedy everyday schedules do not leave much time for leisure-like activities, gardening being one of them. Planter

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Plants Online
Simple Guide To Buying Plants Online


Buying your plants online no doubt gives your more access to a larger variety of plants that you might not get locally. It is also a great way to find all the plants you will need to finish your whole garden without having to run around and find the plants one at a time. So many people have converted to buying their flowers, trees, and plants online and it’s not very hard to see why as it is a lot cheaper and a lot easier. If it is your first time buying trees or plants online then there are a few mistakes you want to avoid. Below we will go over a quick guide of things you should look for and avoid when shopping for trees and plants online for the first time. Read More →

Led Products Buying Guide
Led Products Buying Guide

Ever since the introduction of lights with the invention of electricity, life was never the same again (in a good way). Electricity paved the path of technology and immensely simplified day to day chores. We often forget to be grateful for having the chance to rely on this kind of light unlike with people living in the dark days prior to the use of electricity. The world of lights today is so extensive with so many designs available, from incandescent, tungsten-halogen, xenon and fluorescent, to LED. The most popular ones of course are LED lights for a number of reasons, the main one being that of energy efficiency. For all the environmentally conscious, this type of lights is a match made in heaven. Read More →

Artificial Grass
Beyond Golf Courses – Artificial Grass More And More Common In Home Landscapes

A lot of people have decided to jump on this trend and it’s not very hard to see why. There are many benefits when it comes to switching out your old grass and replacing it with artificial grass. It looks and feels just like the real thing and is so much easier to take care of. If your sitting on the fence about whether you should or shouldn’t install artificial grass, then read some of the benefits below. Once you know all the facts you can make an informed decision as to whether or not artificial grass is for you. Read More →

Cubicle Shower
Simple Guide to Installing Corner Cubicle Showers

¬†Despite their appearance, the difference between a shower cabin and a bathtub is the time frame that stands between them; a bathtub is so middle ages, being the old times symbol of richness, while a shower cabin is the main element of modern, 21st century bathrooms. So if you still have an old bathtub in your bathroom, it’s time to think about changing it.

Choosing cubicle showers can be one extensive procedure; measuring the available space, the doors and their mechanism of closing, and choosing the right base; are you going to go with a quadrant, an offset quad or a corner entry? Once you choose the right fit for your bathroom, the next step is installing it. And here’s where you will probably opt for calling a professional to do it and end up paying a lot of money for something you can easily do yourself. Here’s what you should do.

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Simple Guide To Shade Sails

If you are a person who enjoys spending time outdoors, then you probably love spending time in your yard or veranda. Breathing in some fresh air and being at one with your surroundings can be quite the favourable pastime. This may not always be possible, depending on the weather. However, there is something you can buy (if you have not already), which is designed to ensure no sun or rain can stop you from your favourite activity. That very something is the shade sail. Read More →

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