Towing Mirrors
A Simple Guide to Towing Mirrors

If you’re looking for a towing mirror, you’ll come across a wide selection – from removable to permanent fittings, flat glass or convex and extra features such as inbuilt indicators and heating. All of these option can make the buying process slightly confusing for the first time buyer, so it’s best you do some homework before you start looking, in order to make the best choice possible. Read More →

Forklift Accessories
A Simple Guide to Forklift Accessories

Forklifts are probably the most important and commonly used piece of equipment in warehouse settings. A regularly serviced and well-maintained forklift can last for a few decades, which makes them one of the most worthwhile investments in the business. As is the case with many other pieces of equipment, accessories can make the forklift an extremely versatile lift truck. So if you have a fleet of forklifts in your workplace, equipping one or two with some accessories, can make them specialised lifting trucks that can handle tasks that a normal forklift otherwise couldn’t. Read More →

IR Camera
A Simple Guide to the Different Uses of IR Camera

We all know the old saying that goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, however, an infrared picture is worth a million. Infrared thermography is the only technology that can allow you to instantly visualise heat as colours on a screen and due to these features, it is applied in numerous fields. Read More →

Automatic Wrapping Machine
A Simple Guide to Automatic Wrapping Machines

If your business involves packaging as part of the production, then a wrapping machine is probably one of the easiest pieces of equipment to justify, use and maintain. This piece of equipment has the ability to single-handedly reduce the costs on material spent, labour and improve unitisation. If used properly, a wrapping machine will pay for itself in just a year or two.

Nowadays, there are automatic wrapping machine models that are considered high-performance, and they’re the most advanced models in terms of communication, control, load handling and film delivery. They’re ideal for high throughput production rates, and it’s recommended that they’re supplied by a professional supplier who will work together with you to ensure they’re used optimally. Read More →

Cordless Drills
A Simple Guide to Power Tools: The Cordless Option

Let’s face it, the world of power tools is vast, which can be a problem for the family handyman, and every DIY enthusiast, to choose from. Basically, by now you’ve thought this through, and are aware that every level of DIY has a type (petrol powered, corded, cordless) of tool adequate for it. Such if the case with the cordless type of power tools. Read More →

Guide to Protecting Your Older Loved One from Falling at Home & When Out

“It won’t happen to me.” – The sentence that has heralded the coming of Captain Hindsight so many times that were those occasions dimes, there wouldn’t be one poor person in this world.

Falls are a very common occurrence when it comes to the elderly, after which the person can end up with hips and wrist fractures, head injuries or dislocations. Sadly, they can also be fatal sometimes. Although complete control of the environment is never possible, there are certain improvements which can certainly reduce the chances of this happening. Read More →

Laser Measuring Device
Features vs. Price: Guide on How to Choose a Laser Measuring Device

Forget the time when you needed to stretch out a tape from one point to another in order to read the distance between the two. Not only was this method extremely unreliable, but it also took a lot of effort and assistance from other people holding the tape. But as technology advanced to make our lives easier, so did the humble measuring tape started to become replaced by something more sophisticated – the laser measuring device. Read More →

Laminate Flooring
Simple Guide to Choosing Laminate Flooring: Getting on the Wide Board

If you are after a quality laminate flooring solution to make your home feel more spacious and aesthetically appealing, wide laminate flooring is a great way to achieve a luxurious finish in almost any space. The extended width and length of these laminate planks allow them to replicate the sleek and imposing appearance of hardwood flooring while creating the feeling of more space in the room. Read More →

SMSF Guide on How to Set up and Manage the Fund

Setting up an SMSF is not exactly a piece of cake, however, it is well worth the effort, considering all the benefits members are to get after the accumulation phase. Just like any other investment, there are certain rules that one needs to follow as to make sure there are nether risks nor complications that might prevent or delay the process. For the purpose of constructing a simple SMSF guide for you, below I’ve listed the things you need to know before starting your own fund.

Read More →