A Simple Guide to Installing Your New Exhaust Header All by Yourself

For a lot of people, it’s intimidating to even think about changing car parts on their own, which is why most of them usually opt to rely on a mechanic. Not that this is something bad, but you will definitely learn more about your vehicle by replacing parts on your own. Even if you don’t have enough experience, success is not that far away, as you will only need a good guide to install your new header and some spare time. If time is not a problem for you, get ready to get your hands dirty because, in today’s blog post, I’ll explain it to you how it’s done. Read More →

A Simple Guide to Food on a Stick: A Growing Trend in Foodservice

Greek souvlaki, Turkish kebabs, Japanese yakitori, Indonesian sate, Peruvian anticuchos – what do all these traditional dishes have in common? Skewers, of course. It seems as though every culture has it’s own version of food threaded on a stick and roasted over a flame. Although food on a stick has been around since man invented fire and is nothing new, it has only recently soared in popularity worldwide. So, from street-food joints to fancy 5-star restaurants – most businesses in the food serving industry have food on a stick as a regular part of their menus. Read More →

A Simple Guide to the Four Different Types of Ski Bindings
Entering the world of skiing can be quite overwhelming for most beginners, mainly because of the great variety of pieces of equipment and accessories they will need to get. Take bindings, for example. Believe me, there’s more to ski bindings than you think as they are not only made to keep you on your skis but also to keep you safe while cruising downhill. A simple checklist would’ve been enough if the former was the only purpose they were meant to serve but since that is not the case, I’ll guide you through the four types of ski bindings that you can find on the market.

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Industrial 3 Phase Power Plug – Uses and Benefits

If you want to stay safe using electricity in your warehouse or small manufacturing space, an industrial 3 phase plug is the most preferred solution in that case. In every industry, there’s a type of electricity which is best suited for the specific industry settings, hence the need for implementing the right industrial plugs. This helps to keep safe the work environment and keep the equipment functioning properly.

When talking about polyphase systems, 3 phase power plugs are made to be used both indoors and outdoors. A 3 phase power plug can be used even when the circuit is outside and in situations where it needs to sustain stress from environmental factors. The industries that make use of multi-phase plugs are metallurgy, agriculture, construction, entertainment, wharf, and the packing industry. They are even used in mines and chemical plants where people work with flammable gases. Now let’s take a look at their numerous advantages.


Colour management

With industrial power plugs, you can’t go wrong if you abide by the colour codes which show how much a cable’s voltage is. If you have a plug that is red, that usually means that this product has a voltage of 380V. Blue ones indicate that the plug has a voltage of 200V. This helps to differentiate certain specifications more easily and it reduces the chances of getting it wrong.

Protective Design

The way a 3 phase power plug is designed makes for an electric shock unlikely to ever happen thanks to the way the pins differentiate in size. With industrial plugs, the earth pins are the longest ones and then come the negative and positive pins, which means that the grounding comes first before anything is electrified. Simply put – safety comes first here.

IP Rating

The fact that industrial power plugs have IP (Ingress Protection) rating makes them even more secure and durable as this shows how dustproof and waterproof they are. This also proves that there are great amounts of insulation embedded in the device protecting the user from the electrical parts.
So next time you get a 3 phase power plug with an IP 67 rating, you can rest assured that the product can endure in most industrial settings.

Lifespan & Capacity

The load capacity is definitely higher than the one in households as the cross-section of the plug is usually 1.5mm² which means that a plug can carry more than 4000W. Also, the number of times an industrial plug can be inserted into an outlet is greater than 5000, which makes power plugs of this kind to last more than 10 years. Usually, the average number of insertions is around 100,000 times.

The Benefits of Using a 100 Pure Goat Milk Soap

Goat’s milk is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals and it is often used to substitute cow’s milk in areas where gazing space is insufficient for cattle. In addition to being beneficial when consumed, goat milk can also be used in so many ways other than as food. The milk can be turned into soap, which means you can nourish and moisturize your skin directly thanks to its amazing nutrients. A lot of people suffer from allergies due to all the artificial ingredients found in many skin care products. With 100 pure goat milk soap, however, you won’t have such a problem. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits. Read More →

Simple Guide to Eating Organic

We live in a time when there’s no lack of trends, particularly now that people are becoming more aware of their health, and what it takes to keep the well-being at an optimal high. One of these trends that’s gained a lot of popularity lately is eating organic.

For some it’s a no-brainer to make the change in diet, for others it’s not that easy primarily because of the budget. Conventional food is affordable, there’s no question, but even if you’re on a budget, there are still ways you can start eating organic.

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A Simple Guide to the Importance of Regular Dental Care

Taking care of your dental health is teamwork. You and your dental health professional are together in this, and you should both do your part. Your part is quite simple – brush and floss and don’t forget the tongue. Having proper oral hygiene can improve your overall well-being, and, vice versa – bad oral health may result in complications in your general health. The professional care services, on the other hand, are numerous, and their gravity depends on how often you do your dental check-ups. The most basic, yet pivotal dental service is professional cleaning. Here are some reasons why this is important and why it should be done regularly.

First and foremost, by doing regular cleaning sessions at your dentist’s office you will get a brighter, whiter smile because the professional will remove most of the stains that discolour your teeth. Additionally, by having your teeth cleaned, you can prevent tooth decay and gum diseases, which, if left untreated, can lead to tooth decay sooner than expected. It is important to know that even oral cancer is a possible complication if you neglect your oral health. A simple dental service like professional cleaning (done once in a while) can prevent and stop diseases that can damage your general health, provide fresh breath and, consequently, increase your self-esteem. Tooth decay and gum disease can lead to tooth damage which can be quite visible thus impact your confidence and make you feel insecure about your appearance. Finally, regular cleaning can prevent future toothaches as the procedure itself can lead to early diagnose.

As you can see, regular check-ups can help the dentist foresee any possible issues and treat the ones that are already present. So, how often is enough? Well, it mostly depends on your current oral hygiene and state. If you take good and proper care, you may need to do a check-up only once a year. If you are uncertain about your dental-related habits, you can do checkups once every six months, and try to develop a healthy oral discipline. By being regular at your dentist’s office, you will additionally avoid more serious treatments, and in that way, you will almost always leave the office without any trauma or pain. Furthermore, by doing so you will avoid the expenses that come with more complex procedures – a simple and inexpensive cavity left unchecked and untreated can grow, requiring a costly root canal or cap later on.

ground resistance tester
A Simple Guide to the Different Types of Electrical Measurement Equipment

Electrical measuring instruments, as their name suggests, are devices that are used for measuring different electrical aspects such as the presence and the amount of current, resistance, voltage, and power through installation. The purpose of this kind of equipment is to check whether a device is faulty or if there is any abnormal activity by providing the exact measurements of a certain electrical instance, in order to prevent it from causing damage or injury. For each one of these basic electrical characteristics, there is a device that can measure them, so let’s take a look at the equipment. Read More →

A Simple Guide to the Benefits of Using Natural Self-Tanning Cream

Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. Really, how can you expect for anyone else to see how great you are if you don’t acknowledge it yourself? It has been proven times and times again that we feel good when we look good. You have surely noticed that on those days when you neglect yourself, you feel kind of down and it is noticeable and reflected in your mood, look, and behaviour. On the other hand, when you invest a little time to make the best of what you got, you feel better about yourself and people around you comment that you look amazing. And it’s not the look itself mostly, although I’m not saying that there aren’t products that can make a great difference, but there’s also a lot in the routine of taking care of yourself as well. That’s what contributes to that glow from within. One of the products that can complement your look, give you freshness and a special glow throughout all year is the natural self-tanning cream. Here are some of the benefits of this little miracle worker. Read More →