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Invite Relaxation Into Your Home: Simple Guide to Getting a Hot Tub

So, you’ve decided you want to enrich your life with some permanent relaxation and are ready to add a hot tub to your home. Now the question is what kind of hot tub should you get. It’s no secret that hot tubs are an expensive investment, so before you can take the plunge, you should carefully consider all options and find one that will satisfy your needs and space requirements. This can be a bit overwhelming for someone who has never made such a big home improvement step. As you go around and compare small and large hot tubs, here are some things you should consider.

What Size is Right for You?

What is the ultimate reason you’re getting a hot tub, and be honest? Want to impress the neighbours – install an outdoor one, it’s sure to get heads turning! Would you like to share it with friends and family – make your pick from the wide selection of large hot tubs! With models ranging from 5 – 8 seats, these tubs offer plenty of room for everyone. Plus, a large outdoor spa can also be the centre point of some hellishly awesome summer parties.

On the other hand, there are also models that can accommodate one person if having some alone time is the ultimate relaxation for you. Or perhaps you’d prefer a 2 person hot tub where you can have some romantic time with your partner, sipping on champagne – it’s sure to get sparks flying. If you have a bathroom with plenty of free space, a smaller hot tub can fit right in. Large hot tubs, on the other hand, are best suited for yards, decks or balconies.

Materials and Construction

If you want a quality spa that will be your relaxation haven for many years to come, look for one made of the durable acrylic shell material. Acrylic has anti-scratch properties and is also resistant to moisture, cleaning chemicals, and the elements. This is especially important if you’re planning to use the hot tub outdoors because the material has great resistance against corrosion and can prevent mildew from forming.

If you truly want to get durability for your money, also look what hides underneath. Unfortunately, some hot tubs are still built with the same design from the 70s and 80s – being supported by wood frames on the inside. If you apply enough logic, you’ll realize this is bad practice, since wood absorbs moisture. However, hot tubs have come a long way since then, and today you can find models with an ABS sealed base which provides a sturdy, impenetrable foundation that acts like a seal, preventing heat from escaping and keeping moisture out.

Energy Efficiency

If you want your hot tub to help the environment, while also helping you save some money, pay attention to how insulated it is. A well-built hot tub should have full foam insulation in order to prevent the heat from escaping easily and keep the water warm longer. Also, consider the quality of your spa cover. Does the material offer good insulation, and does it fit over the hot tub for optimal energy conservation. In addition to this, plumbing can also affect your energy savings. How so, you ask? Well, if there are more pipes involved there will be more energy used in order to pump water to the jets. Therefore, look for a model which requires a minimal amount of plumbing.

Enhancing Home Security
A Simple Guide on Enhancing Home Security

Becoming the victim of a burglary is a common occurrence in Australia and statistics can prove this. Every year, more than 200,000 robberies are recorded all over Australia. On national level, incidents of home thefts are more prominent in Western Australia and the Northern Territory than in the Australian Capitol Territory (ACT), where there are lower burglary rates. The fact that we have higher burglary rates than most European countries including Spain, Germany and Sweden is a clear indication that the incidents of home thefts are a serious problem in the country. Read More →

Fire Fighting Pump
A Simple Guide to Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Pumps


Given that our country is expected to be hit harder by climate change than the rest of the world, with high temperatures, it’s needless to say we can expect a rise in droughts and the dangerous bushfires. If we thought we had enough fires up to now, imagine what’s expected to follow. And then there’s the rise in storms, that leads to a rise in floods.

This makes me come to the conclusion if we thought fire fighting pumps were essential to households, and industries, previously, we can bet they’d become a basic need in the years to come in terms of safety.

This doesn’t just apply for other chores such as gardening, pressure washing, and irrigation, which is why it’s important that we all have the knowledge in how these power tools work, the system as a whole, and how to best maintain them to prolong their longevity.

Since the pump is at the very core of a pumping system, it’s important that it never fails because it could put safety in jeopardy, and that makes constant care required.

There’s weekly inspection, and testing, monthyl, and then there’s annual like the flow test, so to be on the safe side, without breaching any laws and regulations, it’s best to entrust this to a person qualified for the job (for instance an FM global engineer).

Since there are different types of fire fighting pumps, that have different properties, and operations, you can expect there to be different check up systems. What works for the diesel, or petrol pumps, may not work for the electrical.

From the weekly checks, the focus is going to be on valves, and the piping, whether the suction is in order, the valves are open (and in most cases locked), and the piping has no leaking spots.

Though the start up system can be manually operated, it’s usually the automatic that’s mostly used and needed in emergencies, which is why it’s crucial to check and see if it functions properly.

Not only would you check the starting devices meanwhile, but the pumps operation itself, or more specifically the engines, by running them for some minutes (half an hour for diesel, 10 minutes for electric). Speaking of engines, the diesel engine has to be clean at all times so it can run smoothly. Also, check if the batteries and the charger are operating as they should, and instances of corrosion monthly.

Other components of pumps and the pumping system, such as the pump controller, pressure relief, cooling, water supply, and pump room temperature also have to be looked into. While the controller has to be in automatic start mode, the pressure relief valves not letting water through, there should be neither overheating with the casing and bearings, nor more vibration than normal.

As for the water supply, you must make sure weather doesn’t take its toll: dry weather can reduce the water supply, cold weather can cut the suction source and supply lines of the needed operating heat.

Speaking of heat, the pump room minimum temperature has to be at least 4º C, while for internal combustion engines 21º C, and unless you provide that temperature, you’d be better off getting a lubricating oil heater so that temperature could be maintained above 21º C.

To ensure everything is done properly, it’s best filling up a pump test form, noting all the properties of the pump (type, manufacturer, model number, year of installation, psi/gpm, and RPM rating). Every detail matters as it’s to do with safety.



Kids Outdoor Teepee
Take the Boredom Away: Kids Teepee Is the Perfect Playspace for Imaginative Play

DreamWorks’ animated movie “The Boss Baby” is the perfect example of how vivid a kid’s imagination can be. But this is an excellent thing, because by making use of imagination, children expand their cognitive and artistic capabilities. Imaginary play gives children the opportunity to explore the world from different perspectives and encourages their social development as well.

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Teepee for Kids 2
A Simple Guide to Making Your Home Your Kids’ Paradise

Life can be so hectic for modern day people, this is something I’m sure you’d all agree with. It’s not always job-related though, it’s also the burden of carrying out certain responsibilities that are part of our daily schedules, so having too many tasks to take care of can really be overwhelming. Having all this in mind, it’s not without reason we grown-ups look back on our childhood days with such eagerness, wanting to be back in time of simplicity. Since we don’t have the time machines to rely on to take us back to our days of fun (for now), at least we can go through that wonderful experience through our kids.

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A Guide to Preparing for the Australian Bushfire Season

Unfortunately, bushfires are a part of the Australian ecosystem. Animals and plants have adapted to the occasional destruction they cause, and so have a lot of people. But still, all it takes is a little bit of carelessness to create a huge fire that will ravage everything in its way, cause millions in damage and even worse, be the cause for loss of human life. It’s everyone’s responsibility to prepare themselves to reduce, or if possible, stop the fire from spreading. Read More →

Wallpaper Central Coast NSW
Simple Guide to Personalising Your Bathroom

There are things in life we can’t have enough of, and pampering certainly is one of them. Since the typical lifestyle of modern men and women is one making them prone to stressful situations, making time for yourself to actually have some rest and relaxation is more than important. Our homes have a great impact on this, considering they are supposed to be the sanctuary where we recharge our energy which means it’s up to all of us to create oasis that evokes positiveness and makes us look forward to go back to after work. Wallpapers can largely be of help when wanting to spice things up in your home décor and personalise it, considering the vast amount of choices of wallpaper Central Coast NSW shops, and Australia round for that matter, have in store.

When we think of relaxation, we usually have the bedroom in mind, or in some instances the living room as well, but the bathroom also has a huge role in this. It’s time we all started thinking of this part of a home as one that’s not only made for utility, but relaxation as well. This is something wallpapers can help you with as they’re having a great comeback in interior. Bare monotonous walls are no longer in when you have the option of instilling colour with the help of playful prints and patterns. When it comes to unique types of wallpaper Central Coast NSW and Australia wide shops have plenty to offer. Read More →

A Simple Guide to Home Lighting Fixtures

There’s something about changing one’s home interior that brings about joy. It’s not just the part where shopping is done, but also choosing all the bits and pieces, thinking of the different combinations that could work out, and then see all your hard work put together when the ending result is more than pleasing. Usually grand makeovers consist of furniture, appliances and decorative changes, and we often fail to perceive just how much of an importance lighting fixtures have in the process. Not surprising, the same space can seem more open and warm as opposed to gloomy and depressing altogether with different lighting.

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A Simple Guide To Grow Your Magical Herb Garden


What’s a meal without herbs, right? They add a whole new dimension to the food that screams both freshness and deliciousness. Most of us have herbs and spices in our kitchen cabinets, the fresh smell of which we absolutely adore, but have you ever tried producing your own herbs? It’s as magical as consuming them, I promise you. The outstanding variety of herbs will not only enhance the flavor of so many dishes, it will bring peace and beauty in your garden as well. If your garden offers enough sunlight and good soil conditions and you give them your full love and support, your magical herbs will be up and running in no time. The coolest thing about herbs is that they are planter-friendly, so you can even make a little “herb corner” in your own home kitchen. Read More →

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