toyota 4runner 4x4 accessories

The Best Toyota 4runner 4×4 Accessories for Great Off-road Adventures

During the span of almost seven decades, Toyota has produced a line of 4WD cars that have been the envy of all car manufacturers. This includes legends like the Landcruiser and the Hilux, and a host of models emanating from their robust, virtually indestructible mechanical and chassis underpinnings. One such car was the Toyota 4runner, with the first models being based on the Hilux, and the third generation and the last sold in Australia, based on the Prado. With such off-road heritage, the 4runner has seen its fair share of the outback, or anything that you can throw at it, and it won’t let you down.

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Car Floor Mat Buying Guide

Everyone loves buying accessories for their vehicles, and while floor protection may not be the most interesting and exciting one to think about, it is essential. Not only can car mats and liners keep your vehicle floor dry and clean, saving you a lot of money in repairs, but also, they can act as a sound barrier, improving the soundproofing of your car. This, in turn, will make your rides even more enjoyable.

There are several types of car mats you can choose from, like auto carpet mats, rubber mats and liners, which can make a huge difference in your vehicle’s cleanness and comfort. Vehicle floors usually feature a single layer carpet to provide protection against moisture, as well as acoustic insulation. However, that’s not enough to protect your car floor from snow, rain, dirt, sand etc., or to reduce the noise.

Car Carpets for Functionality and Aesthetics

The most common choices for floor mats are car carpets and rubber mats. While both options are better than nothing, and both offer protection, there are many reasons why carpets can be a great option for your car. While rubber mats can also be useful, carpets and liners moulded to the shape of the floor, so even though they may be a little bit more expensive, they are far more effective.

car carpet

There are many reasons why you might want to invest in a high-quality car carpet mat. They will provide you with additional layers of protection and insulation – prolonging the life of the body and the floor of your car. Plus, they will add to the interior’s aesthetical value, and in turn, they will add to your vehicle’s resale value.

Car carpets are especially a great option if you are trying to freshen up the interior of your car. Installing carpets in an older vehicle can not only make it more attractive, but will also give it more protection, as well as provide it with an acoustic barrier. Furthermore, they aren’t only used to protect and insulate the floor. If you are going for aesthetics as well as insulation, you can also use it to cover the roof, the speaker boxes, as well as the interior walls.

Advantages of Car Carpets

The most obvious reason why you need a car floor carpet is to protect the interior of your vehicle from moisture. Water can cause a lot of damage, and if it gets into the floor, mould can grow, and more importantly, water can lead to electrical and mechanical issues. Floor mats can make it easier for you to remove snow, water and coffee spills, preventing them to reach the body of the vehicle. What’s more, they are a small investment if you compare them to repairing the body and the floor of the car.


One of the biggest advantages of car carpet mats is that they can be press moulded to the shape of the floor, which not only means that they protect the entire floor area, but that they are also a much more aesthetically pleasing choice. And more to that point, car carpets come in a wide range of colours, as well as fibres, so if the aesthetics of the interior of your car is important to you, a car carpet can be the perfect way to get them.

But carpets offer many other benefits for your vehicle. While rubber floor mats can slide around under your feet, exact-fit moulded auto carpets will not only stay put but also cover the entire floor. This makes them more protective, but also more comfortable. And, when it comes to comfort, car carpets can definitely play a big role in improving it.


Another very important role of a floor covering is providing more soundproofing. Carpets have a great ability to act as insulation and help minimise noise while on the road. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a way to reduce noise in the car, you can also go for soundproofing liners that can go underneath the floor mat. And the floor itself isn’t the only thing that you can cover to soundproof your car. Aside from the floor, you should also use soundproof mats to insulate the tyres, the rear seats and the doors, all of which can make a lot of noise, or let noise through.

The one disadvantage of carpets is that when they get stained it’s harder to clean them than it would be to clean rubber, so it may be better to avoid them if you live somewhere where there is a lot of snow or mud all the time. Rubber, on the other hand, can be cleaned quite easily. So, if you decide to go for a moulded car carpet for your vehicle, you should try to choose a good quality durable fabric, as well as a colour that doesn’t stain too easily.

Throttle Controllers: A Simple Guide to Improve Your Honda’s Performance

As we all know, vehicle engines operate with the help of what’s known as the combustion process which is possible thanks to both air and fuel. The correct mixture of both air and fuel is needed to give the desired performance when you press the accelerator pedal. This is where your Honda makes use of an ETC. An electronic throttle control body, or throttle body as some people call it, helps regulate the amount of air and fuel that goes into the engine when you press on the pedal.

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toyota kluger accessories

Toyota Kluger: Even more Powerful with the Right Accessories

There’s nothing like 4WD vehicles, especially pickups. And yes, choosing the right pickup car for you can be a time-consuming process with many things to consider. Although this might take some time, they’re worth it as our home has astounding, wild nature and beautiful sights to see. And out of all of these 4WD vehicles, one that stands out is the Toyota Kluger. It’s a powerful car with a 3.5-litre V6 engine that’s able to take you anywhere you want to go. In other words, you’re buying much more than the vehicle – you’re getting the freedom and the pleasure that comes with it.

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repairing engine

A Simple Guide to Buying Replacement Engines and Engine Parts

The engine is the heart of any car, and if your engine isn’t operating properly, your car isn’t operating properly as well. But even though these parts are very important, you can purchase a second-hand engine or rebuild it yourself using aftermarket parts from your local car performance shop. Buying a second-hand engine takes a lot of consideration though, as you can’t just buy the first one you lay your eyes on. In other words, engines aren’t always interchangeable. What this means is that two cars from the same manufacturer that are built 5 years apart probably can’t use the same engine. This is due to the fact that engines keep getting more feature-packed and more complicated. 

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rock sliders

Simple Guide to 4×4 Chassis Protection: Must-Have Accessories

When you are into 4WDing, everything needs to be tougher, harder, meaner. It is completely logical for your ride to be exposed to more wear than regular vehicles. The top threat to your chassis on a well-marked highway is a collision with another vehicle on the road and we know how to prevent that. But driving a 4×4 on an off-road adventure poses another bag of problems, hence the need for better protection.

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headlight trim

A Simple Guide to Headlight Covers and How to Maintain Them

Your vehicle’s headlights are one of the parts that are most susceptible to damage in the event of a collision. Headlight covers are an accessory that can add a bit of extra protection to the headlight, as well as change how your vehicle looks. Many people don’t pay attention to the state of their headlight covers as they do to the headlight bulbs. As a result, they end up with dimmed or damaged headlights. When neglected, the cover can become cloudy or discoloured, which can affect how much illumination your headlights emit. Most people think the headlights in their vehicles are one single part, when in reality, they’re made up of several. The overall performance and effectiveness of a headlight depend on how well all these parts work together. The most important parts of a headlight include:

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A Simple Guide to Replacing, Adjusting & Cleaning Aftermarket Headlights

If you need new automotive parts you can choose to go to an official car dealership or a company that makes aftermarket parts. Dealerships have what are known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts which are made by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are sold by a different company but the they are made with the same specifications as OEM parts. Aftermarket parts are brand new and often come at a more affordable price than OEM parts. The advantage of aftermarket parts is that there is a lot more to choose from and if you know what to look for, you can even find parts that exceed the quality of an OEM component. The same goes for headlights which like other aftermarket parts need to be put to use and configured on your own.

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honda accord brake pads

A Simple Guide to Buying New Brake Discs and Pads

The braking system of your Honda accord is one of the most important safety elements, which is why you need to inspect its components on a regular basis. Worn down brake components, like Honda Accord brake pads and discs, can reduce your vehicle’s ability to brake and stop, leading to a greater risk of accidents. But how do you know when to replace the brake discs and pads? There are a few signs that indicate your brakes are worn.

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