Close-up of piston rods

A Simple Guide to Piston Rods

If the engine is the heart of the vehicle, then the piston and connecting rods are at the heart of the engine. Engine builders and mechanics know how important the pistons you use in the engine are for performance. There are two major categories for connecting rods – forged and billet. Both types can be made using different materials, each of which comes with its own pros and cons. The connecting rods are located between the centres of the crankshaft journal bore and the piston pin bore. They’re sized in inches or millimetres. Getting the right size will impact the rod ratio, and if you choose a longer rod length, you’ll need new pistons with the right compression height.

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A Simple Guide to Chevrolet Silverado Throttle Controllers

Although Chevrolet’s Gen 3 Silverado only saw production from 2014 – 2019, it’s no wonder that they’re considered to be one of the best pre-owned, and ultimately most sought-after full-sized trucks on the market.

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aftermarket high quality australian car covers

A Simple Guide to Car Seat Covers: The Different Types of Covers

Your vehicle’s factory seats might be holding just fine, but as time goes, they’ll slowly but surely start to experience wear and tear. This can come as a result of everyday use, accidental spills, dirt, sun damage or pets. This can make them look dull and feel uncomfortable. In order to prevent all of this, aftermarket car seats in Australia have become the go-to solution for drivers around the country.

Car seats provide protection for your car seats, as well as a completely customised look. They can hide the damage that’s already on your seats, and ensure your vehicle looks clean for years to come. In other words, car seat covers can be considered an investment to protect your larger investment. Getting your seats damaged or dirty can be difficult if not impossible to fix or clean. You’ll have to use cleaning supplies to do so, and if you have a furry friend, you’ll have to frequently vacuum them to get pet hair off. Moreover, your pet can poke through your seats with their nails and damage them. 

australian aftermarket car seat covers

All of this makes aftermarket car seats in Australia a must for most drivers. You get a personalised look, and a protective barrier from all the aforementioned issues. As a result, your car’s resale value, should you ever decide to sell it, will stay higher than it would without seat covers.

Types of Seat Covers


Neoprene seat covers feature high-pressure, temperature and moisture resistance properties. They’re generally made from the same materials as scuba suits, so you can rest assured they’ll provide maximum protection against water, dirt, debris, and UV rays. Neoprene seat covers are ideal for those who venture off the beaten trail, and tend to get their vehicles somewhat messy.


This fabric looks similar to plush knitted fabrics. Velour seat covers are made of polyester or cotton, and are quite similar to velvet. As you can imagine, seat covers made of velour provide a ton of comfort and feature a very soft finish. On the downside, they don’t offer much protection against spills, but are perfect if you’re after style and comfort.


Canvas seat covers are ideal for people who live an active lifestyle. They’re hard-wearing and long-lasting, making them a set-and-forget type of accessory. If you venture off the beaten trail, or if your vehicle is constantly exposed to rough conditions, these covers are just the ones for you. Aside from being extremely durable, they’re also comfortable and look good. They’re tight-fitting, as they can stretch over the seats perfectly, preventing wrinkling and bunching. 


Leather seats are mainly used in colder areas. Having leather seat covers can be problematic for most Australians, as it doesn’t absorb spiils, and you’ll get a sweaty bum. Moreover, spills will sit on top of the surface, which will keep the seats safe, but cleaning them can pose an issue.

aftermarket car seat covers australia

Universal vs Fitted

No matter what type of material the seat cover is made of, you’ll find universal and fitted models. Universal seat covers are designed to stretch so that they can fit virtually any seat, whereas fitted seat covers are designed for a specific type of vehicle, or even model and make. It’s important to ensure the cover fits and works with your seat without blocking the adjustment controls and to allow your seats to slide or fold. Moreover, you have to make sure the covers are airbag compatible, and allow for easy access to the seatbelts. 

Universal seats are typically more affordable, but the price will depend more based on the material and the quality of the cover. Furthermore, you can install the seat covers yourself easily, so typically, the price tag you see on the cover is the only cost you’ll have to pay. Fabric covers are machine-washable, and all you have to do is pre-treat stains with enzyme presoak, then wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle. Leather covers can be cleaned with soap water and a microfibre cloth or sponge, then you can wipe them dry. There are also commercial cleaners meant for leather and vinyl.

The Final Word

Seat covers are one of the most affordable accessories for your vehicle that provide a ton of value in terms of looks and preventing interior damage. They’re available in a wide range of materials, all of which are suitable for specific conditions. If you don’t expect to heavily abuse the covers, you can consider the more stylish option – velour. Otherwise, you should consider canvas or neoprene.

Leather is typically reserved for colder climates, as it can get sweaty and sticky. Universal and fitted covers are available, so no matter what type of car you drive, you’ll find a suitable one that fits it perfectly. Installation is easy and doesn’t require any special tools, but you have to make sure you don’t block out your seats’ functionality and safety features.

24V Air Compressors

A Simple Guide to 24V Air Compressors

If your truck or RV are equipped with air suspension, then you already know how important your air compressor is. But what happens if you want to upgrade the 12 volt air compressor that’s usually installed in a 12-volt vehicle to a more powerful 24-volt unit?

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A Simple Guide to Suspension Air Bags

A Simple Guide to Suspension Air Bags

Does your truck or car experience suspension sag whenever you’re carrying a heavy load, or pulling a trailer or caravan? If it does, then you’re probably aware that it could potentially end up being more than just an inconvenience. It’s a safety hazard that could have costly, if not dire consequences.

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A Simple Guide to Seat Covers

Utes have come a long way from the rugged, bare-bones beginnings, both inside and out. They still retain that go-anywhere readiness, but step inside, and it’s a whole different story from what was usually there just a decade ago. Double cabs in particular have stepped up comfort to a whole new level. And there’s the convenience of new tech to make longer journeys more pleasurable. Some utes even outclass more upscale sedans and hatches, not to mention the available space.

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bull bar for toyota land cruiser

A Simple Guide to Bull Bars: Materials and Factors to Consider

When most Toyota Land Cruiser owners start thinking about modifying their prised possessions, the bull bar is generally the first major accessory they install. Whether you plan on touring Australia or just venturing off the beaten trail, bull bars are the most important pieces of protective accessories you can get. But with so many different types of bull bars available, getting the one that suits your Land Cruiser best can be quite difficult. Here’s what you need to know in order to make the right choice.

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A Simple Guide to 4×4 Lift Kits

The popularity of utes in Australia is largely down to how versatile they are. There’s loads of space, good pick up of speed will be bolted on turbos, and the ability to drive in any terrain. Well, almost.

Another thing about utes is that they don’t look out of place when you install a lift kit. This makes off-roading all the more manageable and you can take your rig to more places than before. Raising the vehicle also gives you more street cred, as kits and utes with kits just look good.

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motorbike rack

A Simple Guide to Transporting Your Motorcycle

Finding out the best way to transport your motorcycle from one place to another without riding it can be quite complicated. Although motorcycles are the smallest form of motorised transportation in the world, they can feel quite large when you try to transport them around. As a motorcycle owner who has had their fair share of problems with them, I’m no stranger to the transportation issues that come with them neither. In my years long experience, I’ve gone through many trials and tribulations and have tried virtually every solution possible. If you want to avoid losing time and the stress associated with transporting your motorcycle from point A to point B, here’s what you can do.

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