brake shoes

A Simple Guide to Braking Systems: Drum Vs. Disc Brakes

Most of us take our car’s braking system for granted, especially when it is working properly and keep us and everyone else around us safe. Most drivers don’t put much thought into their ride’s brakes unless they start hearing a squealing sound or experience a slow response time which may lead to an accident. In order to prevent that from happening, it’s best that you learn more about these components. The best way to do so is to learn the difference between brake pads and brake shoe parts. Why? Because these are the parts that most commonly wear down, and you’ll need to replace them more frequently than any other part of the brake system.

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wheel hub assembly

A Simple Guide to Buying Wheel Hub Assemblies

As someone who spends a lot of money venturing the Australian backcountry, I also spend a lot of time making sure my car runs properly because the last thing I want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of kilometres away from civilisation. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a new wheel hub assembly online, as mine were worn down from all the use and abuse I’ve put them through. I was really excited about getting them before my next trip, however, what I really got was “brand equipment” that was completely fake, and the hub assembly wasn’t even the right size. I asked for a refund, but the retailer never got back to me. So I had to take an L and order a new hub assembly from a vendor that I actually put some research into.

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A Simple Guide to Buying a Subaru Liberty Exhaust

We all know how complicated shopping for aftermarket parts can be, especially for the ones that can contribute to your Subaru Liberty’s performance. That’s the case for most owners when shopping for an exhaust system for their precious ride. But what makes aftermarket exhaust systems one of the most popular performance upgrades? Well, the truth of the matter is, performance exhaust systems are built differently than their stock counterparts and they are designed in a way to effectively promote exhaust scavenging, reduce power-robbing restriction, and ultimately free up more horsepower.

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A Simple Guide to Installing Your New Exhaust Header All by Yourself

For a lot of people, it’s intimidating to even think about changing car parts on their own, which is why most of them usually opt to rely on a mechanic. Not that this is something bad, but you will definitely learn more about your vehicle by replacing parts on your own. Even if you don’t have enough experience, success is not that far away, as you will only need a good guide to install your new header and some spare time. If time is not a problem for you, get ready to get your hands dirty because, in today’s blog post, I’ll explain it to you how it’s done. Read More →

Towing Mirrors

A Simple Guide to Towing Mirrors

If you’re looking for a towing mirror, you’ll come across a wide selection – from removable to permanent fittings, flat glass or convex and extra features such as inbuilt indicators and heating. All of these option can make the buying process slightly confusing for the first time buyer, so it’s best you do some homework before you start looking, in order to make the best choice possible. Read More →

Hilux 4X4 Parts

Toyota Hilux: Get to Your Destination Safely

Toyota’s Hilux has enjoyed many years of success here in Australia. It’s consistently one of the best-selling commercial vehicles, exceeding the sales of the popular Australia-made sedans and small hatches. For a hard-working tradesman, it’s really difficult to argue against the thousands who buy Hilux. Why, you ask? Here are a few reasons.

The Hilux stands out above all other vehicles simply because of its sheer dependability. When your day is full and you barely have any time to spend trying to learn how to use unreliable or cumbersome tools, the dependability that Hilux offers is second to none. You can almost always depend on a Toyota product, as the Hilux is one of their top shelf creations. The last major issue Hilux owners experienced was back in 2010, where a portion of their vehicles had to be recalled. And while this doesn’t sound good at all, keep in mind that there are about 30.000 to 50.000 Hilux sold every year.

And even though the Hilux is one durable vehicle that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, it’s still a mechanical vehicle whose parts will eventually wear out or malfunction. For that reason, it’s important that you replace its parts on time. Brand new OEM from a Toyota dealer are indeed expensive, however, there are many Hilux 4×4 parts manufacturers who sell custom-made ones at a lower price, which brings me to my next point. Since Toyota Hilux is a mass-produced vehicle, finding relatively inexpensive replacement Hilux 4×4 parts is easy. You can find aftermarket accessories and parts if you shop around, and believe me that you can find even better deals if you shop online. Read More →

4x4 Accessories

A Simple Guide to 4×4 Exhaust Parts and Accessories

The best way to add to the power and torque of your 4×4’s engine is to make a few easy, long-lasting improvements in the exhaust department. This in turn will result in a performance boost, improved sound and looks. If you want a new growl and an increased fuel efficiency, there’s probably a 4×4 part or 4×4 accessories on the market that will help you achieve your goals.

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A Simple Guide to Catalytic Converters

There are millions of cars on the roads of Australia, and each one of them is a potential source of air pollution. Especially in large cities like Melbourne and Sydney, the amount of pollution emitted from the vehicles can create huge environmental problems. Therefore, in order to resolve them, states, cities and governments have established clean-air laws to restrict the amount of pollution a vehicle can emit. And over the years, car manufacturers have made quite a few refinements to fuel systems and car engines in accordance to these laws.

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A Simple Guide to Camping Vol. 1: Toilets

If you’re one of the fewer people that are not big fans of luxury hotels with 5 stars and private jets cause you simply prefer a nice, joyful family vacation that will distract you from your everyday chores, camping might be just for you. Camping is all about the closeness of the family and the friends, the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want it and the most important of all, the chance to revel in nature. Besides, it’s the perfect vacation plan if you have kids. When kids go camping they get to experience so many things that cannot be taught at school, at home or on the street. It’s important for them to learn how to handle themselves out in the open, to see the animals in their natural habitat and to learn to appreciate what Mother Nature has given us. Camping can provide many valuable lessons for your kids and even if they don’t like it now, they will be thanking you for it in about twenty years or so. Read More →

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