Cat 6 Cable Buying Guide
A Simple Cat 6 Cable Buying Guide

In this wireless age, where every person on this planet wants to get rid of their cables, there is one undisputable fact – only the greatest of cables are going to survive. One of those mighty survivors is the Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable is, in fact, a copper conductor. These solid cables use only a single part of the copper, so the electrical impulses are transferred from the source to the receiver. Since there are a lot of Ethernet cable types, you must know that by all means, the Cat 6 cable is the best choice available. In this article, we will go through the technical specifications of the Cat 6 cable and compare it with the other types that are currently on the market.

Cat 6 Cable

The physical characteristics of the Cat 6 cable include the nylon spline that eliminates the crosswalk. The spline is not used for Cat-5 cables because they do not support higher transfers, yet manufacturers want to include it because it has become a standard. However, noticing the technical differences amogn separate Ethernet cables is not as easy as the obvious physical ones because not all categories support same things. Read More →

Here’s What to Look for When Choosing the Right Large Format Photo Printer

We all appreciate the magical power of photography which brings precious moments back to life. It is a vivid reminder of some of the best days and it certainly is one of the best inventions so far. As one of the most creative and exciting professions, it is the perfect blend of talent, skills and dedication. Being a photographer is actually much more than a profession since there is nothing more rewarding than being able to capture a unique moment and captivate it in the gates of time. But the thing with photography is that it requires much more than just skills and talent – you certainly need to have the right photography gear to make the best out of your shots.

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Simple Guide to Travel Photography Equipment

The world is full of amazing places to see and experience, and being a professional photographer or someone who genuinely enjoys this craft as a hobby, is an additional perk of freezing that beauty in time with a single shot. Whether it’s amazing mountains, beaches that take the breath away, wild life scenery or a modern concrete jungle type of beauty, taking the perfect photo asks not just for skills and knowledge but also for the right equipment.

Professional photographers know it; entering a photography equipment store is like entering Wonderland; all types of lenses, funny looking pieces for balancing your camera like tripods, printing equipment and all types of cameras you can possibly think of. It may not sound like Wonderland to all of you who prefer their smartphone cameras for taking a photo or a selfie, but for people who still enjoy a good photography on paper, this is a true experience. So, how do you pick the right travel photography equipment? Read More →

Guide to Distribution Switchboards

The point where the incoming power supply divides into several circuits controlled by the fuses of a switchboard is called a distribution switchboard. As the name suggests, this is a board with several ports for attaching a number of functional units each designed to fulfill a certain given function. As such, it is a critical element in the dependability of electrical installations, therefore, it needs to comply with the existing standards for governing, designing and constructing certain switch gear assemblies. In this direction, it is worth mentioning that a well-protected distribution switchboard should comply with applicable standards and working processes. For that purpose, you will need switchboard enclosures. Read More →

Simple Guide: Tips On How to Select an Electrical Enclosure

Electrical enclosures serve to protect and accommodate electronics and electrical components from any kind of unwanted accidental occurrence or simply, the environment. There is a vast array of different types of enclosures to choose from, however, few factors should be considered. For example, do you need electrical enclosures for industrial, commercial or residential application. This article will help guide you in the selection process to find the right enclosure for your application. Here’s what you will need to consider. Read More →

Simple Guide to Time Master II Calculator

The Time Master II calculator is a simple gadget that can be used for solving over a hundred of time-math issues. It has been especially designed to make time-related calculations simpler and easier to solve, in which Calculated Industries have not failed. Easy to use with only a few buttons included, this versatile calculator by CI is suitable for electronic media producers and editors, pilots, broadcasters, travel professional coaches, athletes, consultants, trainers, speakers and more. Why? Let’s find out what this time calculator can do. Read More →

HP 12C Financial Calculator
Simple Guide to HP 12C Financial Calculator

If you are a student or a business owner or a person who deals with numbers on a regular basis, an HP 12C financial calculator with its clean lines and advanced calculating abilities may be a great choice for you. In fact, this classic calculator was very popular in the 1980’s and was considered the favourite choice among financial professionals and accountants due to its easy-to-use features.

A HP 12C financial calculator is a type of device that operates in either algebraic or reverse polish notation mode, which allows you to swift calculation processing. It also features a seven-segment LCD display bar that allows a clear answer readout. Before you buy this financial calculator, take a moment to get familiar with its functionality. That will help you process the numbers correctly and efficiently for a productive and enjoyable experience. Read More →

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