The Sports industry sector in Australia consists of a wide variety of entities with the largest sector being sport clubs. All sectors however, have grown at a consistent and stable rate over the past years. Mainly due to the fact that government, communities and businesses are beginning to recognise the benefits of sport. Sport is probably the most effective mean for decreasing the rising rate of diabetes and obesity, especially in children. Although Australians have always loved sports be it cycling, cricket, sailing, swimming or fishing, but new trends shape this Industry in economical and social terms. As of now, over 75,000 Australians are employed in the sports industry and over $A8 billion are spent on sporting products and services annually. Experts predict these numbers to grow in the future as more and more Australians are fitting sports into busy lifestyles.

Australian’s are a nation of proud fishermen and it’s not entirely hard to see why. There are so many great fishing spots in this great nation of ours including the inland waters, southern waters, and northern estuaries.

Fishing is something that so many of us do, more specifically that means around 3.5 million Australians fish every year. Most of what we do catch by fishing in our spare time is 80% percent saltwater fish and the other 20% percent comes from fresh water this includes all our lakes, dams, rivers, and ponds. Australians love fishing and because of this it means great profits and big business for anglers. Consumers have spent up to $650 million dollars this year alone one tackle, accessories and video lessons for learning fishing tips and tricks. This is not including another $2.5 billion that Australian’s have spent on boats, travel, charters, accommodation, and other fishing accessories.

Now I’m not talking about the absolute need to fish so we can eat, I’m talking about the main reason why Aussies love fishing so much, because there is absolutely no better way to unwind. What we aren’t however is a careless nation, we are one that likes to take care of our environment, our species of fish, and we like to make sure that fishery resources stay strong. We take care of our oceans and want them to thrive that’s why most of simply like to observe, relax, and enjoy what our country and our oceans have to offer. This is no doubt a tradition that will stay strong and thrive in Australia for many generations to come.

A Simple Guide to How to Stay Cool While Camping

There are a lot of different types of equipment that probably pop into your head when I say “camping equipment”. You might immediately think of tents for instance, or sleeping bags, or the always reliable portable heater for those chilly nights, but there is also another device that is just about as important as the heater, and that is the portable fan. Read More →

Exhaust Wraps

A Simple Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Exhaust Wraps

When it comes to motorcycles, there are only two integral parts that count – the engine and the exhaust system. The engine is the lifeblood of the entire thing as without it the bike and all of its components can be used for little more than decoration inside your garage, but the exhaust pipe not only plays a very important role as well, but can easily be improved to make that role stand out more. Read More →


A Simple Guide to Doing the Best Slam Ball Exercises

If you want to get into shape but don’t have a gym that’s located near you, or simply don’t want to go to one, then you will need to get some training equipment that you can use in your home. The problem is that most beginners don’t know what to get since they aren’t sure what would give them the best results. Honestly, it isn’t very difficult, since because most people don’t have the room in their home or enough money to afford to get a huge workout machine, you will be looking for something that is compact, relatively inexpensive and can be used for a variety of workout routines. One of the best items that are capable of meeting all of these requirements are the heavy slam balls. Read More →


Simple Guide to Choosing Scuba Gear That Stands the Test of Waves

The captivating beauty of the underwater world can be best experienced through scuba diving which can easily satisfy your adventurous spirit. Conquering the depths of the ocean is a challenge and excitement of its own. Diving is certainly a great skill to have, but learning how to do it properly takes time, patience and dedication. Before you start feeling comfortable being underwater you will first need to go on a few dives with an experienced diver who will help you learn some of the essential diving methods and tricks. Also, before anything else, you should prepare yourself with quality equipment to help you stay safe and comfortable underwater. Read More →

Fishing Funny Video 2

A Simple Guide to Fishing Videos’ Guiding Power

As someone who works in a high stress environment, finding ways to unwind after a stressful week at work is key. Personally, fishing does it for me. There’s nothing better than the chance to catch your own meal with a few friends and a cold beer. A lot of people can’t seem to wrap their heads around just how relaxing and fun fishing can be. I’ve gone fishing with a few friends who didn’t have the patience to sit around all day and just enjoy it, and that wasn’t a great experience. What I’m saying is, if you want to enjoy fishing, you should commit yourself to it, but don’t take it too seriously.

Read More →

Online Fitness Equipment

Simple Guide to Creating Your Home Gym

Living in the era of technology, we’ve become used to being pressed for time that we’re okay with being stressed out on a daily basis. While those of us born in the decades prior to the new millennium know what life was like prior to the dependency on electronics, millennials know no other way of life rather than joining up social networks and leading predominantly sedentary lifestyles. Though the number of obese people is on the rise globally, the awareness of overall well-being is also increasing so there’s still hope for the tech 21st century people.

Most of us, if not all, know the importance of being fit so logically we should make fitness exercising part of our lives and yet this isn’t the case. As reasons, or in other words – excuses, for this lack of exercising people usually use time and money. Not having enough time or money are certainly not valid reasons when you are set to keeping your health at an all time high as there’s always the option to ditch the gym and paying membership when you can create your own gym at home. With the chance to look up and buy online fitness equipment, constructing a gym has never been easier and affordable.

Before you get on a buying spree, the first step to make is find the adequate space at home that’s going to be reserved only for exercise. You’d be surprised even a 6×6 area would be sufficient for getting started. While it’s ideal to have it set up all the time, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s better; certain bits of equipment can be set out, others can be stored around in closets. Another thing to do before you buy online fitness equipment is to consider making use of other objects, such as DVD, TV and mirrors to give you a view of yourself every time you work out so you see the gradual progress and get more motivation to be persistent with exercising.

Once you’ve got that covered, think of the fitness equipment essentials for you. You have to ask yourself some questions: Are you more of the type of person who spends considerable time warming up, or you don’t give that much importance to warming up and prefer to get on with the exercises? Or is it you prefer the combination of both? If the case with both, then you require both warming up pieces, such as a mat, and exercising equipment as treadmill, weights and weight bench.

Then again, it also depends on the types of exercises you prefer doing. If you’re more of the person who is into cardio, then you wouldn’t only get a treadmill, but rowing machines as well. As soon as you’ve thought these aspects through, you can get on with the equipment purchase and setting up your gym.

Caravan Stabilisers

A Simple Guide to Caravan Stabilisers

Safe towing mostly depends on a good match of a caravan and car. However, many other factors come into play as well, such as how you load your caravan and car as well as the driving and maintenance of the outfit. Even with the perfect outfit, there’s still a chance that an unexpected pothole, a sudden side wind or the passing of a high-sided vehicle could cause momentary instability. And this is where caravan stabilisers come into play.

Using caravan stabilisers is always advisable, but not as a means of resolving the problems of a badly loaded caravan or a poorly matched outfit, but instead, it should be regarded as an additional safety precaution which will help if things go south. Even the best balanced outfit can sometimes be impacted by external factors that create involuntary movement, which the driver cannot control. It’s precisely in this case when a stabiliser can help. Read More →


A Simple Guide to Why Skateboard Bags are a Thing


The beauty of skateboarding is that it’s a sport that doesn’t require a designated location. You can basically whip out your skateboard wherever you can find a piece of relatively smooth concrete or asphalt and do your thing. Well, that’s actually not entirely true. There are a lot of places where skateboarding is not allowed and in those situations, you wouldn’t want to drag your skateboard along with you. I mean these boards can be heavy. This is why skateboard bags are a must-have. Read More →

A Simple Guide to The Appetite Suppressant Vitamins

Besides providing the body with the much needed nutrients, vitamins have beneficial effects on the ability to control appetite. Certain vitamins boost the metabolism and help the body reduce the unwanted fats. And since the key factors in shaping our muscles are exercising and a proper diet, many people, especially bodybuilders and dieters, use these supplements. But contrary to the popular belief, not all vitamins are appetite suppressants. In fact, some of the vitamins can even increase your appetite. For that reason, I provided you with a few guidelines on which vitamins to consume to control your hunger and stop the guilty cravings.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The most useful appetite suppressant vitamins that help the body manage its weight are the omega-3 fatty acids. They provide it with all the essential nutrients that need to be compensated when on a weight-loss diet. Any diet that contains much omega-3 fatty acids helps the body to significantly reduce hunger. Besides, omega-3 enhances the mood and the cognitive functions, which makes it one of the preferred vitamins in bodybuilders’ diets. Read More →

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