The Sports industry sector in Australia consists of a wide variety of entities with the largest sector being sport clubs. All sectors however, have grown at a consistent and stable rate over the past years. Mainly due to the fact that government, communities and businesses are beginning to recognise the benefits of sport. Sport is probably the most effective mean for decreasing the rising rate of diabetes and obesity, especially in children. Although Australians have always loved sports be it cycling, cricket, sailing, swimming or fishing, but new trends shape this Industry in economical and social terms. As of now, over 75,000 Australians are employed in the sports industry and over $A8 billion are spent on sporting products and services annually. Experts predict these numbers to grow in the future as more and more Australians are fitting sports into busy lifestyles.

Australian’s are a nation of proud fishermen and it’s not entirely hard to see why. There are so many great fishing spots in this great nation of ours including the inland waters, southern waters, and northern estuaries.

Fishing is something that so many of us do, more specifically that means around 3.5 million Australians fish every year. Most of what we do catch by fishing in our spare time is 80% percent saltwater fish and the other 20% percent comes from fresh water this includes all our lakes, dams, rivers, and ponds. Australians love fishing and because of this it means great profits and big business for anglers. Consumers have spent up to $650 million dollars this year alone one tackle, accessories and video lessons for learning fishing tips and tricks. This is not including another $2.5 billion that Australian’s have spent on boats, travel, charters, accommodation, and other fishing accessories.

Now I’m not talking about the absolute need to fish so we can eat, I’m talking about the main reason why Aussies love fishing so much, because there is absolutely no better way to unwind. What we aren’t however is a careless nation, we are one that likes to take care of our environment, our species of fish, and we like to make sure that fishery resources stay strong. We take care of our oceans and want them to thrive that’s why most of simply like to observe, relax, and enjoy what our country and our oceans have to offer. This is no doubt a tradition that will stay strong and thrive in Australia for many generations to come.

Bicycle Lights Buying Guide

Commuting by bike is cheap, healthy, fast and fun. For most of us, our quality commuting time will be spent in urban areas and the purpose of the ride to get to work on time, except maybe if we stop on the way home, locked the bike outside the pub for a sneaky beer or two. Every time you will be coming home late in the night, LED bicycle lights are going to be the perfect tool for the job and this is the right guide to finding the best front lights for your bicycle, so let’s get started:

In addition to their simple mounting, LED bicycle lights offer great visibility, especially when you are in a T-junction or on a side roundabout. These are the kind of lights you can rely on completely when it comes to being visible to other road users. You can easily order LED bicycle lights online and you will also love the fact that they come with the option to be USB charged. Read More →

Yoga Mats Online

Yoga Mats Online: A Refined Buyer’s Guide

Have you wondered what it is that makes yoga so popular? It has quickly become an unstoppable trend in the West primarily because of its effects on a person’s wellbeing. Although many people often have the misconception that yoga is merely a physical exercise, as much as fitness and aerobics are, it is so much more. Read More →

Sun Protection for Fishermen

Sun Protection Buying Guide for Fishermen


Sun exposure provides more benefits for your health than you could imagine. In fact, studies have shown that sun exposure improves: mood, bone health, brain function, quality of sleep and the immune system. Also, spending time in the sun may help you lower your blood pressure level, ease mild anxiety and depression, heal some skin conditions and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer associated with vitamin D deficiency such as breast, ovarian and colon cancer.

In spite of all the health benefits we’ve mentioned, keep in mind that moderation is the key for good skin health, especially if you are a professional angler who spends a lot of time out in the sun. In that case you should strive to get the positive and avoid the negative effects of sun exposure. In order to do so, you should buy quality straw hat, comfortable and protective clothes, high-quality sunscreen and affordable fishing sunglasses. Speaking of negative effects, what you need to know is that prolonged sun exposure can cause several forms of skin damage, the most common of which: sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer as well as certain eye diseases such as: cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and even eye cancer.

With that being said, there’s no doubt that you should protect your skin with high-quality, protective sunscreen lotion and your eyes with affordable fishing sunglasses.

Sun Protection for Fishermen Read More →

Sportswear For Women: Buying Tips and Guide

Okay ladies, let’s review the fitness clothing department of our lives – we all love working out to look and feel great, but this needs to be done in style. After all, we are women and fashion is among the first priorities in our life.

This comes naturally and is nothing to be ashamed of; working out in style is not just because of fashion, it brings other benefits as well. Among the most important ones is definitely boosting confidence. You know that feeling of awkwardness you get when you step in a room filled with men lifting extremely heavy weights while you struggle with the 7kg dumbbells? Well, you should know that for a woman (a beautiful fragile creature) that is more than enough to start with and do not pay attention to those negative thoughts that de-focus you from doing your thing because you look hot in your sportswear. Read More →

Ice Fishing Boots

Buyer’s Guide to Boots and Shoes for Fishing

Investing in new boots or shoes for your fishing adventures can become a bit overwhelming when you’re not sure what to look for. Buying the right model will help you dress appropriately for your trip, but how do you know which ones to choose?

There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right boots or shoes for fishing that could affect how well your trip goes. You might need to choose shoes depending on the climate, the weather forecast for that day, where you’ll be fishing, either on land or on a boat, and depending on what kind of fishing you practice. Every shoe that is designed for fishing should be water resistant and have excellent traction so you don’t slip and slide on wet surfaces. Below are different models that you should look at depending on your needs for fishing. Read More →

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