The Sports industry sector in Australia consists of a wide variety of entities with the largest sector being sport clubs. All sectors however, have grown at a consistent and stable rate over the past years. Mainly due to the fact that government, communities and businesses are beginning to recognise the benefits of sport. Sport is probably the most effective mean for decreasing the rising rate of diabetes and obesity, especially in children. Although Australians have always loved sports be it cycling, cricket, sailing, swimming or fishing, but new trends shape this Industry in economical and social terms. As of now, over 75,000 Australians are employed in the sports industry and over $A8 billion are spent on sporting products and services annually. Experts predict these numbers to grow in the future as more and more Australians are fitting sports into busy lifestyles.

Australian’s are a nation of proud fishermen and it’s not entirely hard to see why. There are so many great fishing spots in this great nation of ours including the inland waters, southern waters, and northern estuaries.

Fishing is something that so many of us do, more specifically that means around 3.5 million Australians fish every year. Most of what we do catch by fishing in our spare time is 80% percent saltwater fish and the other 20% percent comes from fresh water this includes all our lakes, dams, rivers, and ponds. Australians love fishing and because of this it means great profits and big business for anglers. Consumers have spent up to $650 million dollars this year alone one tackle, accessories and video lessons for learning fishing tips and tricks. This is not including another $2.5 billion that Australian’s have spent on boats, travel, charters, accommodation, and other fishing accessories.

Now I’m not talking about the absolute need to fish so we can eat, I’m talking about the main reason why Aussies love fishing so much, because there is absolutely no better way to unwind. What we aren’t however is a careless nation, we are one that likes to take care of our environment, our species of fish, and we like to make sure that fishery resources stay strong. We take care of our oceans and want them to thrive that’s why most of simply like to observe, relax, and enjoy what our country and our oceans have to offer. This is no doubt a tradition that will stay strong and thrive in Australia for many generations to come.

A Simple Guide to the Most Needed Accessories For Hiking

It’s no lie that many people strive to have the perfect figure and a number on the scale that they won’t be embarrassed to say out loud. And while many are turning into couch potatoes constantly complaining about being overweight and do nothing in particular about it, there are other people who find the time to hike.

Hiking offers many benefits – breathing in fresh air, a better overall health condition, lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, it helps prevent diabetes, increases your energy levels, and the list goes on. It is common knowledge that people who enjoy hiking on a regular basis are less stressed and much happier. So, if you want to give hiking a chance, make sure to have at least the basic accessories for hiking to make the most out of your experience. Read More →

Simpler Camping

A Simple Guide to Simpler Camping

There’s actually a very heated debate over the topic of whether campers should use levelling wedges or not. Levelling is done to help you place your vehicle in the right horizontal position so you don’t experience a number of inconveniences that may occur when the van isn’t positioned properly. Basically, you can’t just arrive on site, put the steadies down and get on with things; the fridge, shower drain and the sink are just some of the appliances that won’t work properly if the van isn’t in the perfectly horizontal position. Here’s a simple guide to the tools you need to have in your mechanic’s tool box when you go camping or caravanning.

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Health is Wealth: Your Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

In order to function properly on a daily basis, the body needs to produce some very important cell material in the form of skin, muscle and bone. That means that it needs to take material from the red blood cells that carry the nutrients and oxygen to the most remote outposts and work its magic. However, to get to that point, the body needs some raw materials first; vitamins, minerals and dietary components.

The truth is, the body produces all these substances on its own, but not in sufficient amounts. In order to use them efficiently and for you to actually feel the benefits from them, the body needs bigger doses of these components, which thanks to the advancements in pharmaceutical engineering, it is possible to get through specialized supplements.

Make it clear: vitamins and minerals aren’t the same thing

Some people often make the mistake of thinking that vitamins and minerals are the same thing. They aren’t – vitamins are one thing, and minerals are something completely different and as such, serve a different purpose. However, they’re both referred to as micronutrients.

Vitamins are organic substances, and as such, they can be broken down by elements such as heat, air or acid. Vitamins are essential for the proper and uninterrupted functioning of the human body. Vitamin C for example, is known to prevent bleeding gums and listlessness, vitamin A prevents blindness and vitamin D keeps our bones strong. People who have problems with their eye-sight, bones, hair, skin and nails, can choose supplements as a primary preventive action. Supplements aren’t made to replace certain foods, and definitely shouldn’t be taken without medical advisory.nutralife

One of the manufacturers who are completely devoted to producing quality health supplements, is Nutralife. They have proven to be a devoted producer since 1967 and as such, have the reliability people need to trust their products to enhance their health. Whether you’re an athlete or a gourmet who simply loves food, you’ll find these products designed to meet your needs, as the people who developed the brand and maintained it throughout the years, have a rich experience that served as a base for the development of the products.

Minerals on the other hand, are a whole other category of components; they’re inorganic and keep their chemical structure. There are two types of minerals present in the body: trace minerals and major minerals. Major minerals are the more important group of substances you need to concentrate on – they generally help maintain the proper balance of water in the body. Think potassium, chloride and sodium, where as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus contribute for healthier bones. Sulphur is much needed for maintaining proper protein structure, especially in nails, hair and skin.
You can find quality mineral supplements in the vast offer of products by Nutralife, ranging from vitamins to all the minerals needed for a boost of your health overall. However, there are things to be considered.

How much is enough?

Although vitamins and minerals are needed for the optimal functioning of our bodies, that doesn’t mean we can consume them without any guidance.“Everything in exaggeration is bad” couldn’t be more true here. Vitamins and minerals interact with each other and that interaction often causes imbalances in the organism. Therefore, too much or too little of one element may lead to to a deficiency of another. For example, even a minor overload of manganese can worsen the iron deficiency.

To sum it all up, everyone will need some kind of supplement to improve the quality of their health at a certain point of their life. What could make the whole difference though, is the fact whether you choose the right brand or not.


Bikes: A Simple Guide to Being a Guy That Can Fix His Ride

There’s nothing more frustrating to a biker than a flat tire situation on the road, away from a service centre and away from a proper tool for changing the tire. Plus, where would you put a spare tire for the sake of carrying a reserve one with you? It’s a motorcycle, you have no place to carry an extra with you. Which is why, a part of every biker’s biking preparation is knowing how to fix a flat tire while on the road with a limited choice of fixing tools. Read More →

Urban Commuter Bikes: A Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle

It’s that time of the year when people go into their garage and inspect whether their bikes are in a decent condition. With spring and summer approaching, bike enthusiasts are excited to start using their favourite transportation means. If by any chance you’ve missed out on this popular trend in the last few years, now is the right time to put some money aside and look for urban commuter bikes.

What’s not to love about biking? It promotes a healthy lifestyle and it is an extremely convenient way to get around the city. An hour of biking at a regular pace will burn about 500-700 calories. And it’s not just about burning fat, biking is also extremely beneficial for the improvement of your cardiovascular system which will in turn help prevent diseases like cancer and other cardiac-related ones. Plus, you’ll get all that while commuting to your desired destination.

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Air Filters for Motorcycles: Regular Maintenance Ensures Better Efficiency and Power Delivery

 In this day and age, our air is so polluted that its unclean and toxic particles impact our vehicles as much as they impacts us. This is why we need air filters for motorcycles. Some people believe that we don’t need them and that they are just a useless piece of equipment that brings profit to companies. Well, that isn’t the case, air filters are an important addition for the efficiency and power delivery of your bike.

Air filters purify the air that goes inside the bike in order to burn the fuel. The cleaner the air, the better the combustion. If the air isn’t clean and pure you can end up burning much more fuel for the same amount of power. Incomplete combustion was the very reason for the huge amount of smoke coming out of the older vehicles. Read More →

Guide To Choosing The Right Micro Scooter

So many parents at one point or another have to contemplate getting their kid something like a scooter, bike, roller blades, or a skateboard, today we will be going over micro scooters. There is no doubt in my mind that buying your child a scooter will not only make them happy, but will also get them to spend more time outside. Scooters and micro scooters are not only popular with children but with adults too. Keep reading below if you want to know what size scooter to choose, how to find a micro scooter best price, and anything else you should look for when looking to purchase one.

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Fishing Competition

What You Need to Know Before Entering Fishing Competitions

With so many positive effects of fishing, it is not surprising the number of fishermen is constantly increasing. While it might seem boring for the less enthusiastic, it is so much more than just sitting and waiting for the fish to bite the hook. Along with being among the top stress-free activities, fishing will keep you out in the sun and stack your body with the required amounts of vitamin D, and surprisingly enough this can happen even during cloudy days.

What looks like mere sitting and is associated with inactivity, is actually still helping you work your muscles while you try to find the right angle, bonus points if you get your rod moving so more muscle strength is required. Fishing will also be the perfect time for bonding with family and friends, and all the hours you spend hoping for a fish are by no means a waste of time as you get to work on your concentration and patience.

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Skateboard T Shirts

Skateboard T Shirts And Apparel: Quick Guide

Skateboarding is a popular sport and today’s skate apparel market provides a huge variety of skating clothes and shoes to choose from. It is a self-expressing sport, so it’s normal for individuals to have different styles and tastes when it comes to picking their perfect skateboard t shirts, pants and shoes. However, there are some important things you should look for when buying skateboarding clothing.

Finding clothing pieces that best reflect your style and personality is not the only and most important thing to do. You need to make sure they will provide you the ultimate comfort you need. So, to make the most out of your shopping experience just follow our quick guide and you are on a good way to make the right pick. Read More →

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