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The Ultimate Guide to IT Support for Small Business

If you are a small business owner then you know just how hard and how expensive it can be to find outside tech support. Most of the time the people that are trained in IT already work for another firm and you can’t get them without offering them a lot of money. This is not really easy on small businesses and not always possible. Of course, this depends on what you need as well, but handing out another pay check is sometimes not an option. This usually leaves you with the job of IT support which can take a really long time to learn and may not be your number one priority. Luckily, these days it’s a little different with more and more IT solution firms popping up that specialize in providing small businesses with the support they need.

So don’t sit around and be swamped with IT work when you have other things to do, reach out for IT solutions today. Your best bet is to find a local IT support company that deals with small businesses directly. You could try asking other small businesses where they found theirs or you can easily search online. You want to hire a company that has great reviews and you want to make sure that they can meet all your IT needs. You should choose a company that will personalize their IT approach to match your needs as well as share the vision you have for your business. Read More →

Aussie Tech Guys: A Guide to OWC SSD for Mac

It was three decades ago when Steve Jobs revealed the first Mac computer. It might look funny for today’s standards, but the Mac computer was out of this world at that time. Apple, over the years, has pushed technology with its newest editions and made competitors struggle and give their best just to keep up with them. Read More →


Guide on How to Buy a Calculator

Whether you are still in school or are employed and work in your field, at a certain point in your life, you needed to buy a calculator. Calculators have been present on the market since 1642, when Blaise Pascal invented the first one. Ever since, the calculator has undergone many alterations, being perfected as technology moved forward. Today, you can buy calculator that is customized to satisfy your personal calculation needs and preferences. Read More →

Simple Guide To Rack Mount Cabinets

Tired of all the mess in your home or business office? Then, you should definitely consider the rack mount cabinets. They are ideal for small business offices that have limited space. The rack mount cabinets are designed to hold multiple devices at one place. Now you can free yourself from all that clutter that keeps you from working. Properly organized office will not only increase your productivity, but also will improve the efficiency of your IT equipment. The racks are the ideal solution for homes, offices and big data centers. If you plan to invest in a good rack mount cabinet, you should consider several things first. You don’t want to end up with a cabinet that is not capable to hold your IT equipment. To ease your buying process, follow our simple guide for choosing the right rack mount cabinet:

Type – Two types of rack mount cabinets are available on the market – enclosed rack cabinets and open-frame racks. The enclosed rack mount cabinets offer greater protection and security, while the open-frame racks provide easy access for the devices which are stored inside. If you want to protect your devices from unauthorized access, then you should go with the enclosed type. The open-frame rack mount cabinets provide better ventilation and airflow, as well as fast and easy access to the installed equipment. Read More →

Simple Guide To Fibre Optic Products

Are you trying to make a decision between copper and fibre optic cabling for your network? Not a simple task, however the fact is that fibre optic products have entirely revolutionized communications over the past few years. Perhaps this statement alone is not enough to convince you. You certainly want all the facts. Well, read on as we have prepared a simple guide on fibre optic products and their advantages and applications.

To begin with, we will explain what fibre optic products are and how they differ from metal wiring. Since the creation of the telegraph and the electromagnet in the 1820s, electrical wiring has used copper. This really made sense since copper featured:

  • high tensile strength (high resistance to cuts, scratching and stretching),
  • high conductivity (the highest of all non precious metals), and
  • high ductility (flexible and pliable while being tough).

Each of the above characteristics are perfect for electrical applications, but when it comes to telecommunication and network applications, it turns out copper is not necessarily the best and only choice. The better option here are fibre optic products. These products are made out of plastic or glass strands, each slightly thicker than human hair, utilized to transmit light. Read More →

Simple Buying Guide To Server Rack Cabinets

It’s well known that a server rack cabinet serves for mounting network equipment like servers, routers, switches and other related devices. The purpose of these cabinets is not to only store, but also to organize and protect the devices you have. Depending on your personal needs, you can either buy an open-frame server rack cabinet or a rack enclosure. This is an ideal way to get rid of all cable clutter and tangling in your office and prolong the life span of your devices.

Market offers a wide range of durable server rack cabinet models to fit everyone’s needs. You just need to be careful when buying one – consider functionality rather than the price. To make your shopping experience hassle-free, read our server rack cabinet buying guide below. Read More →

Equipment Rack Buying Guide

If you rely heavily on your IT network equipment, buying appropriate equipment rack should be your number one priority. The equipment rack helps you to eliminate all the cable mess in your office or home. Furthermore, the equipment rack allows your to store and keep all your IT infrastructure in one place. With so many options on the market, buying equipment rack can be difficult task, because these racks come in different sizes, shapes and with different accessories. There are few important things that need to be closely considered when planning to buy a equipment rack for your office. In order to help you, we present a simple guide that can help to choose the most appropriate equipment rack for your IT devices. Read More →

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